Roti isi, sweet rolls with filling

Growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia and spoiled with so many variety of what I call yumminess. Everyday in front of our house there’s people drive by selling food from grocery in the cart to snacks, noodle, fried rice, chicken satay, fried chicken, you name it. Among them also bread, buns, rolls whatever you want to call it. Those fluffy, soft thing made of flour butter egg sugar and yeast. Yes that!

We have these little rolls with different kind of filling. Chocolate, cheese, chocolate cheese, jam, meat filling, peanuts and sugar, sweet creamed corn, corned beef, tuna, so many variations. Plus those millions bakery around town.

Now you know, things like that, we took them for granted. When I moved to Texas, I miss those rolls. I went to the bakery herr and they do not have those. It is easier now that more asian bakery like 85° popping up around here. But the taste is still not the same with what we have back home. 😣. So I jave to make them myself. I keep trying to make them until I get the right recipes. Trial after trial. Carb after carb. Now I get the right one. And I have started filling more and more order. I just got a message from a friend who ordered cake before. She wants to order the Chicken rolls. She did not know I am selling those. Well I am not rrally selling to public, just friends who wants it and don’t want to make it themselves.

Anyway here are some that I made last night and just now.

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