Air Fryer Donut

Once upon a time there was this craving for donut in the middle of the night, where all those yummy donut stores are closed. Yes! I don’t understand why they only open in the morning. We can eat donuts anytime right???

Donut shops in Jakarta open 24/7. Lots of yummy food stalls are opening at night until 3 am.

So what do you do when you crave for donuts in the middle of the night? Besides running to the grocery store or gas station. But then, you won’t get those soft pillow dough!!

So I sat and think…definitely do not want to go out, not gonna fry and make the house smells with deep frying, not wanting to leave my binge watching scandal.

So I decided to start making my dough in my breadmaker. See guys that’s my method of cooking, dump and walk away.

By the time my dough is ready, I just shaped them, put them in air fryer and walk away again. Then I am thinking glaze, I don’t want my glaze to be too sweet. Saw an orange, lemon..humm that’s perfect. So here is my lemon blueberry donut and orange glazed donuts.

My son said, this is really good. Now we don’t have to go to DD or KK or other donut places. He said I should start selling them :), my child..

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