Dead tired but Happy

Yes I am dead tired today. Feel like going to get myself a massage. I took few days off since Thursday to make my sweet rolls to sell at a local Indonesian food festival, but turned out my 2 sales reps I am assisting with are also taking off, so I ended up not able to take that day off. The result was standing up and make the rolls on Friday since 7 am up to 3 am in the morning, with taking care of my puppy and son in between. Woke up Saturday morning to pick up my husband who stayed with his mom as she just got released from the hospital few days ago, then off to the festival which started at 10:30 am, setting up, organizing my preorder and you got it..stand on my feet again lol. My feet are tired, my lower back is screaming. But all the hard work paid off. All of the 300 rolls are sold out. Some people came back to get more but it was gone. 3 hours event, it was gone within 2 hours.

What did I make? sweet rolls we call roti manis. Sweet rolls with variety of fillings. From sweet to savory. Chocolate, Cheese, Chocolate cheese, Chocolate Banana, Banana Cheese, Banana Chocolate Cheese, Sweet Beef, Beef Sausage, Chicken and veggies, Spicy Tuna, Corned Beef, and you can use any kind of jam or whatever filling you like and can think of.

In the process, I thought I need to have 2 bread machine to make my process faster. Doh! So I went in the afternoon to buy me another one. It does help but then I have to move faster as I timed it so perfect with 1 machine that I rolled, filled, bake, cooled it down, packing then the next dough is done. well with 2 dough ready at about the same time, my flow was off trail a bit lol. I learned! Hopefully for the next event, I will get it done better.

I individually wrapped my rolls, and label them to marked the filling, then bagged them in a paper bag marked with the preorder name and variety with the total dollar amount. This make it easy when people pick up their order. I am a freak that way. I even have my excel spreadsheet for all the order, and to know how much I should make, how much supplies I need to get besides listing all the cost and all. Too much work for a little sale? Probably but in every sale, you need to know the cost going into what you are selling that you know how much profit you make or not make. Start little and you shall be ready for more. That’s just me.

Today it is time to pamper myself….at least that’s what I was hoping for. But, had to drop my husband back to take care of my mother in law, and the puppy needs food, and my son needs snack and lunch and dinner and the laundry need a to be done. Bye bye massage..tune to put on my mom mode on again. And have to get ready for another cake order due on Friday. Have to make the detail work for it in advance.

Sometimes I wonder how did I do these..I work 8:30-5:30, being a mom, wife, bake custom cake, bake sweet rolls, cook for my family, taking care of my puppy.

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