Me and my life

Well guys, I have decided to take a break from Facebook. Not gonna post or try not to do anything there for now. The reason I am using Facebook was to get in touch with my family back home. And post picture of my activity not because I want everyone to see or know where I am eating what I eat, what am I doing, when do I do it or where I go. But more to keep my mom updated on me and my life. Yes there are other on my Facebook who can see and probably annoys by it :). I see some post something like, “I don’t care what you eat or crap or breath or whatever”. Well for these kind comments or posts, I simply suggest move along my dear.  You don’t like what other post..scrolled, moved.

Now that me and my mom and siblings decided to just have a group chat on Whattsapp, I don’t really post much on Facebook except for what I cook. More like a journal of what we have. What started that was because me and my son are allergic to so many things and by keeping a journal some sort of what we have, hopefully I can go back and figure out what might trigger the reaction if something did happen.

LOL See I got distracted, my son just texted me that the dish we made and brought to school for culture luncheon was a hit. His friend said it taste like heaven. We made Semur Ayam, Braised chicken in sweet soy sauce. I will post picture and recipe. You won’t believe how easy it was.

I am a planner, I like to plan my days and times. Yes sometimes we have to adjust if something does not work. But I like it planned and scheduled. Specially with work, cake business, my family, juggling between those everyday. Without a plan or scheduled, my life will be a walking disaster. And I get it, that does not work for some, who like to run their life in a spontaneous  method. But don’t force me to live my life like you do, as I won’t force my method on you. I think the word is respect each other? Simple right?

I apply that word respect each other as much as I could, in everything. Example time for appointment, I was taught to be on time or early when you have a planned or meeting or appointment. If you are late, informed whoever you have meeting with. Being late without notice is rude, showing that you do not respect or value the other party and their time. You want other to respect you then show them the same respect. Indecisiveness is also a killer for me. I could not stand that. That is also part of me liking my life planned. For big decision needed to be made I can understand we can’t rush it, have to think about it. But for simple things like where do we want to go for lunch or what to eat oh no no. That can’t take hours or days to decide. I will be dead in hunger LOL. Specially if you ended up with the same thing every time burger or pizza ayayyaayay.

Today is just the day for me to moan about this just hit my limit.  Sorry to blabber… just need to let it out a little. So that I can enjoy my Friday night with my family, dinner and nice weekend for Mother’s day on Sunday. Since my mother in law is not in her perfect health, I am planning..see plan.. to make brunch or lunch and bring it with us to her house. My husband been living with her since she got back home to watch her. Now the side note to that..I have a new admiration for single parents! It’s not easy. It is hard. I want my husband back home! ASAP please.

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