Oodles of noodles been the story in my house for a while now. started when I decided to take my pasta maker out from the cave where it hibernate. Then the taste of fresh homemade noodles, brought back my wish list I have from last year, the Phillip’s pasta maker. If you know me, I always take a long, I mean looooooong, time to consider buying things like this. Took me 2 years before I got my first Instant pot 🤓, then the rest is history. Now back to the pasta maker, I search, research, read review after reviews. Wasn’t until couple weeks ago I have the guts to press click and buy. And again, the rest is history. I have not make the kway teow or bihun, rice noodles. I want to after I get use to the machine and sure I know how to get it right. I hate wasting ingredients. So before I try anything, like before I buy anything, I have to search and research and do it right. That’s just how I roll..🙃.

I know I have to get more disc for the pastas or noodles I want to make. I have the basics that comes with the pasta machine. And waiting to get more disc to make udon, ramen, bihun, and hakau which is more of a shell pasta shape, large one.

The sky is the limit my head said to me. Ideas after ideas in my head that you know I will have to actually make it happen to clear of the knot of noodles in my head.

So far, I have made the Indonesian fried noodle known as mie tek tek. The name is funny but mie is noodle, tek tek is actually the sound the guys selling this make when they pass houses I’m the neighbourhoods to let people know that they are there, by knocking on a hollow bamboo or wood with a stick and made that sound tek tek, so mie tek tek 😁.

The base for Indonesian fried noodle is different than the Chinese way. Chinese we use garlic, and some use sliced onion. Indonesian using a blend of garlic, shallot, candle nut, white pepper and salt. Sautee those blended spices , add the meat, veggies and the noodle, salt pepper and of course sweet soy sauce a.k.a. kecap manis.

Here is the video in my wonderful electric wok. I bought a new one since I love it so much. I melted my old one by turning my stove on instead of the wok. Sad day for me that time. 3 years later, I decided to buy the new one. Yeah, took me 3 years 🤤.

Then there’s noodle after noodles. Me and my son are fine eating noodles everyday. My husband on the other hand is noodles out already. lol 2 days of noodles and he was done. So I still make some and share with friends. And turned them into getting one Phillip’s pasta maker too.

Here are some history of the noodles in our tummy… oh and I made homemade wonton wrapper too. The weird part is, eating those noodles almost everyday, I did not gained weight. I was wondering if it was because no preservative or junks in the noodle?

The flour, in my noodles are mix 50:50 ap flour and bread flour. I am going to try 100% bread flour to see. I add 2 eggs, oil and liquid. Can be plain water or juices.

I will post when I dare myself to make the rice noodles. 😱 I am scared… in the meantime, enjoy my oodles of noodles.

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