Lapis Legit

This cake was the first one I tried when I first stepped in to the kitchen on my 5th grade era.

Failed miserably. I sat and stared at the cake. Tried to figure out what I did wrong.

I told myself, not again. Never ever make this cake. Ever ..

In my adult era, I first bought this cake myself to satisfy my craved. 6″ cake was about $40. I opened the box, sliced them, shared with my husband and son and then I blinked. Gone gone gone. And I thought…darn! And so I told myself…never again buying this cake.

My failure and not wanting the spend a fortune for our happy belly, make me want to learn how to be better in the kitchen since my 5th grade time in the kitchen. I studied foods and ingredients and their charateristic and how they react with one another. I am not there yet. I learn new things daily. Learn from trying, reading, and from others.

I am happy that I can or should I say dare replicate a dish I ate at restaurants. Never in my life, even crossed my mind that I would bake and sell this layer cake. But I do now.

Don’t let failure stop you from trying, from wanting to be better.

Here is the video and recipe for my lapis legit. Yes I sell the cake. People ask why sharing the recipes. Why not? Everyone is different. It can be the same recipe but we each might get different result. Even Instant noodle. My sister made it best. I made my Instant noodle, same brand same flavor..not the same taste like hers 🤦. So, no I don’t mind sharing recipes.

Headed to my YouTube channel. Like and subscribe please

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