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Mac and cheese 4 minutes

Comfort food..when it rains outside, the dark sky and all the good stuffs that comes with the rain, all I can think of is snuggle and comfort.  Mac and cheese is one of the food that I love. I used to grab the box because it was so easy. However, ever since I had a… Continue reading Mac and cheese 4 minutes

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Another parmesan mushroom risotto?

Why not. It was gloomy outside. I was gonna go to the store to get ribs but the crazy thunder and rains stopped me from going. I know I bought a big pack of baby Bella mushroom and need to use that before it goes bad. And have leftover Arborio rice in the pantry. A… Continue reading Another parmesan mushroom risotto?

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Ham and pineapple fried rice in Instant Pot

Second round of utilizing leftover ham. Simple, easy one pot dinner. I made fried rice in instant pot before but I can’t remember what or how I did it. I browse online, and found one recipe using brown rice and Multigrain function which take 40 minutes. I am using jasmine rice so I don’t think… Continue reading Ham and pineapple fried rice in Instant Pot

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Korean ground beef with rice

Everyday I would take one of my meat from the freezer before I go to work. So I have a whole day to think about what and how to turn this frozen meat into dinner in a flash. And today what I pulled out was 1 lbs ground beef. Then my brain started thinking what… Continue reading Korean ground beef with rice