Indonesian Food

Bubur kacang ijo

Where I came from, Indonesia, we eat mung bean as a dessert drinks, serve warm or cold with ice. I have been craving for this and since tonight the weather is cooler, I think it is perfect for this. Instant pot definitely make it easy. I did 15 minutes tonight, but I think 12 minutes should be ok, plus npr just until the pressure is down. I remember my neighbour when i was in grade school, made this mung bean in the old scary pressure cooker. She openned the lid before the pressure all down, boom…the ceiling were covered by the beans. Thank God she was not injured.

2 cups mung bean

8 to 10 cups water

A pinch of salt

3 kaffir lime leaves 

1 pandan leaves

1inch ginger, peeled and smashed

10 tablespoons sugar

1 can coconut milk

Add all but sugar and coconut milk. Closed the lid and vent. Manual 15 minutes, npr just until the pressure button down.

Stir in the sugar, if you like it sweeter, add more. Turn off the pot, pour in coconut milk and stir. 

Serve warm or add ice.

Just gotta utilize my Instant Pot

Yepp that title really said it all. That’s what I always think whenever I read a recipe or want to make something. How can I do that in Instant Pot. Not that I hate my stove,  no no no. Don’t want to let the stove heard that. I still need her for my baking, or baking. But she is a look hot, not in a good way I guess, that every time I turn her on my AC decided to work harder to compete with her.

So this Saturday, me and my friends decided to join a cooking class which were organized by the Indonesian Community of Dallas. There were 50 people came. The house was packed as all of us ladies gather around the kitchen island to watch how to make 3 Indonesian delicacies. 

We started with meatball known as baso sapi. Made of a mixture or ground beef, seasonings, tapioca starch,  egg white. They mix them by hand.  I, the lazy me, on the other hand, every time I make this I utilize my gadgets. So I am making the meatball today using my own way of making it. 

The only different I notice was I added nutmeg and fried garlic to my mixture.  

First started.

After a couple minutes 

See my tools in action.

Ready to be rolled 

You can squeeze it in between you thumb and fingers to form the ball before dropping them into hot water. Or use 2 teaspoons to form the balls. The last ia my preferred way. 

Here is the meatballs. It is done when it start to float, give it a couple more minutes before strained them. At this point, they can be serve with broth and noodles or freeze for later use.  Since I have made this last week, I am going to juat freeze them.

How do I use Instant Pot? Well I boiled the water in the pot and using sautee function.  All meatballs done is less than 1 hour. I used 2 lbs ground beef. 

The other dish I decided to make after class was kue lapis pepe or tapioca starch layer cake. My childhood sweets that I like. I used to eat them layer by layer, pulling each chewy layer until the last part. This delicacies are available in so many different names from each countries in Asia. I learned that Vietnames, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysian, Indonesian and some others have a very similar dishes. And this is one of them.

It is so pretty, translucent looking layer cake made of coconut milk, sugar, tapioca starch, rice flour, water and vanilla. 

I mix all ingredients in my vitamix so that I don’t have to whipped them by hand. And steamed them layer by layer in my Instant Pot. 3 minutes per layer. I tried using high pressure 3 minutes it was looking like a bubble when I open the lid. So I decided to use the steaming function, but changed to a sautee method and using a rack to put the pan and glass lid covered with kitchen towel so that nothing will drip on the cake. I made it in 3 colors, white, green and the top layer is red. Just like I remember this cake growing up.

It was so good, not too sweet, chewy and fun to eat.

The mixture

After steaming, cooling down.

Here is the cake.

My Instant pot or should I say pots? They are busy this weekend.  I also made chicken porridge for dinner. Another dumped and walked away kind of meal. 20 Minutes, done and keep warm until we were ready to eat. And had a little bowl leftover for my breakfast. 


Minus the Chinese crullers, cakwe for the topping.

Well now I have to figure out what we are going to eat for lunch.  I better go and get busy with my kitchen tools and make a quick late lunch for my boys.

Happy new year! Welcome 2017!

Happy new year! Cheers to a better year!

Tradition ia we have to have some blacked eyed pea for the new year. So we went ti Walmart last night to grabbed some. Whilst we were there, B overheard a couple where the wife got pretty upset with her husband as they could not find any canned black eyed pea on the shelf. He could not believe that she got pretty mad about it. Not to worry when you have Instant Pot as your secret weapon. Who needs canned stuffs when you can make it from those hard raw beans fast. We grabbed a bag of the beans. I presoaked my beans since we have the time. Cooked them in with my ham, onion, oregano, bayleaf, salt, pepper for 30 minutes. Then let the pressure down naturally. Add carrots and kale, cook again for 3 minutes and we are done.


So many traditions. We had one which I believe was passed on as my Chinese descent tradition. On December 22, which is mother’s day in indonesia, where I was born and raised, we have to eat these cute little balls made if glutinous rice flour boiled and them served with a lemon gingery syrup. It usually comes in white, red and green color. Though these days people are so crafty. What was told before not to play with your food is no longer apply. I saw people make this glutinous dough into fun animal shapes instead of just a simple little balls. Which what I decided to do. Been over 10 years since I moved to Texas, I have never try to even make this. But last year, 2016, I decided to give it a try. Thought my boys not gonna like it. I made just a little. I was wrong,  they actually enjoyed that as well.


Busy month December through February. Another thing that we always have for special days is the layer cake. We call it lapis legit. There’s also a three layers one, lapis surabaya. They both made of 30 to 45 egg yolks and tons of butter with very little flour and some sugar. The lapis legit has some spices added to it, speculas made of a mixture of cinnamon, clove,  cardamom,  nutmeg and allspice. It’s  made by baking layer by layer, 2 -4 tablespoonfuls batter for each layer. The baking process could take 3 to 4 hours. Hideous it is. But it worth all the works. People sell this lapis legit a lot of bucks. The good one could sold for 2 million Indonesian rupiah or like $200 for an 8″ size cake. Since it is so rich, we served thin slices of this cake. Trust me, it is good. This kind of cake that taste even better after few days.


The 3 layers one originally made by sandwiching the chocolate layer in between the vanilla. Though the creative bakers make so many different variance to this cake. There’s green tea or pandan flavor instead of chocolate, there’s the lapis legit in between the vanilla layers. There’s orange flavor. The sky is the limit actually. If it’s not because the amount of yolks being use to make this cake, I would be slaving in my kitchen making and testing different variations.

It is very common in Indonesia to use this 3 layers lapis surabaya as the base for birthday or wedding cake, like the birthday cake I made last night for one of my friend’s son.


I love traditions. Don’t you?

Ham and pineapple fried rice in Instant Pot

Second round of utilizing leftover ham. Simple, easy one pot dinner. I made fried rice in instant pot before but I can’t remember what or how I did it. I browse online, and found one recipe using brown rice and Multigrain function which take 40 minutes. I am using jasmine rice so I don’t think I should use that function.

So what I did was make the scrambled egg in the pot using the Sautee function. Sautee the chopped 3 cloves of garlic in a little olive oil and 2 tablespoons of butter, add the ham around 1 1/2 cups, sliced of 2 green onion. Then add 3 cups of rice with 3 cups of water. Seasoned with 1 teaspoon salt,1/2 teaspoon pepper, 1/2  tablespoon fish sauce, 3 tablespoons sweet soy sauce. Stir and cook in the rice function, 12 minutes.


Once it beeped, add a handful of  frozen veggies anf a handful of pineapple bits. Use the sautee function to warm the frozen veggies and pineapple through.


Served warm…


A little east meet west in a bowl

What to do with leftover ham or turkey after the celebration? That’s always a question. So many ideas out there for it.

I like to wing it as I cook. It depends on what I have and what I am craving on that moment.

Since last night I have the crave for bubur Ayam or chicken porridge. Well no chicken in the house. I do have the leftover ham from yesterday. I remember my mom made chicken porridge and then she made like an omelette with ham and served the chicken porridge with a slice of that ham omelette.  So I am thinking this morning to make those. But again no chicken in the house.  I do have the chicken broth in the freezer that I made in instant pot. There you go, wing it. Thawing the broth, cut up the ham, scoop 2 instant pot cup rice and add 12 cups broth. Add the ham in the pot with the rice and broth, add salt, white pepper, garlic powder. Close the lid and vent and press porridge,  it said 20 minutes. Done and time to binge on netflix again.When it finally beeped, I let it sit until lunch time.


Scoop some of the porridge into my bowl, topped with cilantro, green onion,  dried raddish, chunk of ham. Remember I said I love spicy food. So I always add this sambal, spicy salsa sorta kind. Made of Thai chili, garlic, vinegar and sugar. So there half tablespoon of that and my lunch is completed. It was yummy and only 1 pot to wash. Can’t wait for my boys to try it. Yepp they are still asleep, I enjoy my quiet time though😉.

So there ham porridge for you..err me. Enjoy…!


Cold day saved by Instant Pot

You know..I got jealous when I heard it’s snowing somewhere else. I guess I just have to be happy that at least it is cooler now here in the Lonestar state.

I have been wanting to make chili but without the beans of course. My husband does not like beans at all.  While watching Limitless on Netflix this afternoon I started preparing my chili ingredients. Chopping my onion, garlic and seranno pepper, then rewinding my movie and then sautéing then in the instant pot, then rewinding my movie again.

After sautéing my onion ,  garlic, chopped seranno pepper and ground beef in the instant pot, I added the homemade chili spices, chopped tomatoes and tomato sauce and start my Instant Pot with the chili function for 30 minutes defaulted but I reduced to 25 minutes .

I will type the recipes tonight after the Walking Dead hehehee. I remember there’s garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, pepper and peppers, cumin, brown sugar, cocoa powder, salt and pepper.

And for dinner and to send meal for the meal train, I decided to make Soto Ayam, Indonesian chicken soup.

I blend the spices in my magic bullet and then sautee them in a little oil in instant pot with the Sautee function .

Add in the bone in chicken breast, 2 stalk of lemongrass, galangal, kafir lime leaves, water up to the 10 cups line. Closed and press manual 25 minutes. After it beeped, quick release the pressure and take the chicken out to shred. Add the cut up golden potatoes, closed and press manual 5 minutes. While in the other instant pot, I cook my hard boiled egg for 5 minutes then NPR 5 minutes. And then use that pot to cook my rice 6 cups with almost 7 cups water and closed the lid, press manual 3 minutes and NPR 7 minutes. Last one, boil water and soaked the glass noodle in it to softened the noodle.

I serve the Soto in a bowl…arrange the rice, glass noodle ,  shredded chicken, shredded cabbage, sliced tomato, hard boiled egg and pour the broth over it with the potatoes  Garnish with parsley and a wedge of lime to be squeezed into the soup.

The spices I blend was :

5 roasted candle nuts

1/4 onion

5 cloves garlic

2″ turmeric or yellow ginger

1″ ginger

2 teaspoons Salt

1 teaspoon White pepper

You can add more salt and pepper to your taste once it was done cooking.

My rice cooker was broke and since then I make my rice in the instant pot. The proportion is 2 cups rice with 2 1/2 cups water or chicken broth. Works fine for my Asian taste.

Oh my lord Neegan you are making me nervous. Wonder what is he gonna do now. That guy scares me.

Now dessert for me tonight is the cheesecake I made in instant pot the other night. It was perfect even though I used a regular 8″ pan instead of the springform pan. Took 30 minutes. Before that, I made cheesecake in the oven for over 1 hour. I haf to do it in the oven as it is a 9″ pan for the cheesecake and also made pumpkin cake. This was a dessert for my husband’s Christmas Luncheon at his office. So the cheesecake is

sandwiched in  between the pumpkin cake and covered with cream cheese frosting .  Yes it was deliciously loaded with calories but so worth to eat it. Once a year at least.

There was my day with Instant Pot. And ended my Sunday with Walking Dead and my cheesecake. Just perfect! Hope you all have a nice weekend and easy Monday ahead.


Curry day!

I promised my co worker that I will make more vegetable curry and chicken curry top share. Well she is making her vegan chocolate cookies that I swear I can eat the whole container of it. So good.

So today I am making the vegetable curry for her using different veggies than the last time. I have eggplant, chayote, cabbage, green beans. All cut up around 1″ cube and just half the green beans and quartered the cabbage.

The last time I used butternut squash and other squash, I did 8 minutes and I felt it was almost too mushy. So this time I did 4 minutes. Yepp you heard me right! 4 minutes. I usually make my curry on the stove and it took a while. 15 to 20 minutes easy for the vegetable. Chicken and beef well…it’s a labor of love, let’s leave it at that.

4 minutes veggie curry, Once it’s done I started my chicken curry, the non spicy version for my boys who do not eat spicy stuffs. I had to cheat using sweet peppers to get the reddish color without the heat. 10 minutes later I got the curry for the boys. Then I add my chili paste into the leftover curry in the pot, add my potato and carrots and let it cook under pressure for another 3 minutes. All tender and perfect. Some of the chicken are fall apart as you can see. I used boneless skinless chicken breast. Usually I use bone in chicken when I make curry, more flavorful. I am using what I have thawed today. Though there’s lots of whole chicken in the freezer.  Albertson’s had it on sale for around $4 per chicken. Well here are our dinner for tonight.

The base paste for my curry :

Fresh ginger 1″, sliced

Galangal 1″ sliced thinly

1″ fresh turmeric or 1 tablespoon ground turmeric

1 lemon grass sliced

5 cloves garlic

2 small shallots, if you have the big ones use 1.

*3 red chili + 3 thai bird’s eye chili if you like spicy, if not use sweet peppers the red ones.



1 tablespoon brown sugar

1 tablespoon tamarind paste

1 teaspoon ground coriander

5 candlenuts (roasted) or you can subs with macadamia nuts.

5 lime leaves

Put them all in the blender until smooth. That’s the base for my curry (* this is Indonesian curry, not Indian or Thai – closer to the Thai version as we are using the same ingredients)

Saute the spices with a little oil until fragrant, then add the meat if you are making meat or chicken curry. Mix thoroughly, then add the broth around 1 cup just to deglaze the pan.

The next step is adding 1 can coconut milk. If you want a  thicker curry, use the coconut cream. At this point I add all of my vegetable for my vegetable curry, seasoned with salt , pepper, sugar to your taste. Closed the lid and run the pressure cooker for 4 minutes. Quick release and serve. That’s for the vegetables. As for the chicken, same process, except I cooked it for 10 minutes. Wonder if I can reduced to 8 minutes as I am using boneless skinless chicken breast that I cut up 1″ size. Maybe next time I will try to do 8 minutes. This chicken are at the point of falling apart after I add 3 minutes to cook my potato and carrots.

But all taste so good.. I have to agree with people who say cooking under pressure is more flavorful. For you that is still thinking about getting one, I absolutely encourage you to take the plunge. It is worth the $118 spend. Think about it…well at least for me and my family.. It’s fast, dinner in 30 minutes for most of the recipes. Some take 1 hour. I feel like I have more times on my hand because I don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen. I can hang out with my son more since I don’t spend most of my time cooking. I can get inexpensive meat that usually takes longer to cook to get a tender result. Not anymore..I have been stocking on meat on sale and freeze them. Our dinner for the most of time is around $10 and that feed us 3 and easily feed 5 people. Yes we eat a lot. Big portion lol. Even my 9 years old boy. The next point is leaving me with a mix feeling…no leftover. The pot size is just perfect size for us. No leftover. Meaning they like it, and yes, no leftover. Hahaha sometimes I wish I have leftover for lunch at work. But no..not since I am using the pressure cooker called Instant Pot. It’s awesome. Clean up is a breeze…1 pot, 1 chopping board, 3 plates. Can’t beat that!.


Vegetable curry



Non Spicy Chicken Curry


Spicy Chicken Curry


Kue Cubit

Kangen sama kue cubit, nyari nyari resep online gak jelas mana yang found one from Femina online today di coba follow exactly as it is in the recipe. Was not bad but I don’t think it’s the same with kue cubit I had…kind of hard try to remember ow it taste, the texture and all after 7 years…

3 butir telur ayam
150 g gula pasir
50 g margarin, lelehkan
1/8 sdt vanili bubuk
200 ml air
Ayak bersama:
1/2 sdt soda kue
300 g tepung terigu serbaguna
½ sdt garam

Kocok telur dan gula pasir hingga putih, masukkan campuran tepung terigu, sambil aduk perlahan hingga rata.
Tambahkan margarin leleh, vanili, dan air, aduk rata. Diamkan selama 60 menit hingga berbuih, sisihkan.
Panaskan cetakan kue cubit di atas api kecil, olesi margarin hingga rata. Tuang adonan ke dalam lubang-lubang cetakan hingga ¾ tinggi cetakan. Masak hingga matang, angkat. Sajikan.

Martabak Manis


500 gram tepung terigu
1 sdm susu bubuk
1/2 ragi instant
1/2 sdm soda kue
1/2 sdt baking powder
50 gram gula pasir
1 sdt garam
1 butir telur
1/2 sdt vanili bubuk
400 ml air
Isi : mentega, kacang tanah, gula pasir, mesyes, keju atau durian dan susu kental manis.


1. Kocok air bersama telur, masukkan ragi instant, susu bubuk, garam dan soda kue, baking powder, vanili dan gula pasir, aduk rata.
2. Masukkan tepung terigu sedikit-sedikit hingga menjadi adonan yang kental, diamkan selama 1 jam.
3. Panaskan wajan anti lengket, tuangkan adonan, diamkan hingga bersarang, taburkan isian menurut selera, matang dasarnya balik angkat.
4. Olesi dengan mentega, potong-potong dan sajikan.

Pandan Cake

8 kuning telur
6 putih telur
150 gram gula pasir
175 gram tepung terigu
1/2 sdt baking powder
150 gram margarin lelehkan
pasta pandan secukupnya
Hiasan: cokelat masak “white” ditambah pasta pandan secukupnya

Cara membuat :

1. Siapkan wonder-pan” olesi bagian dalam loyang dengan margarin dan taburi tepung terigu, sisihkan.
2. Kocok telur bersama gula pasir hingga mengembang dan lembut, masukkan tepung terigu dan baking powder, aduk rata.
3. Masukkan margarin yang telah dilelehkan dan pasta pandan, aduk rata.
4. Tuangkan ke dalam loyang dan panggang selama 30 menit dengan api sedang.
5. Setelah matang, angkat dinginkan dan hias.
6. Sajikan sebagai teman minum teh atau kopi.