22ndEasy Saturday…I hope

After being sick for almost 2 weeks, and still not well I surely hope that my Saturday will be an easy and lazy one. Start with boiling eggs for breakfast.
Not sure if the process is boiling the egg though as I am using my Instant Pot. By putting on the dozen eggs on the rack and put 1 cup (Instant Pot cup) water underneath it. I think that is what we call steaming. Oh well..perfect everytime and I don’t have to watch the water boiled over and guessing if I get it right this time or not. It’s perfect every time. I like mine soft boiled, runny yolk. But my boys prefer hard boiled egg. So we, well I, compromise and do medium boiled egg.’s perfect. no greenish ring around the yolk. creamy yolk..oh so yummy.


This was done 3 minutes in high pressure and I did not do the ice bath. Just run cold water in the pot and peeled. If I want the soft boiled with runny yolk then I immediately let them into the ice water bath and only use 1/2 cup of water to cook them, the Instant Pot cup it is.


Just for rice, egg, spaghetti, soup it is worth the purchase. Rather than having multiple appliances. It’s so easy to use. Yes you will need to get use on how to work it and how to time the food you cook, after a while you will get the hang of it and everything is a breeze. They are back on sale, The 6 quarts 7 in 1 Instant Pot, however I think they are not in stock, so you have to wait for couple months for it to be ship. It is that good ya’ll!.

I personally have 4 of these, what I called Impulsed clicking lol. It was on sale on Black Friday and I just can’t resist the price. I think it was $59. You know I mentioned that the reason I got my second one was that my rice cooker decided to retired and I searched for the replacement. The one I really want as a rice cooker was over $200 and I thought..why would I spend that much just for a rice cooker? So I ended up getting my second Instant Pot the 6 quarts 7 in 1 / Duo style. Then it’s like an addiction I want more of it. It is that good, at least for me and my family. I am tempted to get the 8 quarts though. The thought of able to do 10 lbs turkey in and cook it for less than 1 hour, I think I saw someone mentioned 30 minutes. Imagine cook turkey in less than 1 hour..Thanksgiving? no more stress. I was not stress on my last Thanksgiving cooking saga last year. I used Instant Pot to do all my side dish and SpatchCock my turkey in the oven. So easy, so good, laid back cooking process. I was binging on Netflix while cooking..yeah and all started the morning of Thanksgiving and everything was ready by 11 am. I started at 7 I believe..with 2 Instant Pot. I have 4 now ha!.

Now the 8 quarts that I want, I heard since it’s bigger, it takes longer to comes to pressure than the 6 quarts and longer to release the pressure. Other than that it’s as awesome as its siblings the 6 quarts. And it is still on sale for the 8 quarts 7 in 1 Instant Pot. Keep having the conversation in my head between head 1 and head 2. Get it, don’t get it. I want it, you don’t need it. Argh..what should I do?

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Morning egg peeling

I love eggs. I love Instant Pot. I love making my eggs in instant Pot.

Why? Let’s listed the reasons:

  1. I don’t have to wait and watch my water boiling.
  2. Perfect cooked either hard boiled or soft boiled every time.
  3. Peeling, always easy.
  4. The yolk is creamier.
  5. Faster and better.

Just like this morning, after prepared my son’s lunch box. I threw, well not literally threw my eggs..not in the morning – hate cleaning up the mess lol, OK threw my eggs in the pot. Add 1/2 cup water. Do the drill, closed lid, closed vent to sealing position press one of those buttons, in this case is manual and adjust the time. I like soft boiled egg, so I do 3 minutes. I do 5 minutes for hard boiled. Some people do 6. Walk away. went to take my shower.

Since there’s only a little liquid, it comes to pressure faster. I left them running while I took my shower and ahem…was kinda sorta forgot. When I was done with shower,  came out it was already done cooking and switched to warming up for 2 minutes. Darn..I will get hard boiled egg then. Oh well.. see how fast it is?.

Anyway, if you have not try cook your egg in the instant pot, try it. And if you have not get yourself an instant pot to try to make your egg in the instant pot, get it. Hop to Instant Pot  and get one. Use this code IPLOVE  at the check out for  $50.00 off when you purchase over $159.00. And repeat as you will want your second or third and some people .. fifth Instant Pot. Trust me..I am on my third one and wanting my fourth.

Here are some pictures and a little video to show you how easy to peel the eggs. I know some people rolls the eggs to break them. I don’t like mashed my eggs. I like them smooth white and pretty…yeah that’s just me. And I play with my food. So I do a little egg fight. There’s always be a winner at the end who gets to fight the kitchen counter or back of spoon, depending who I want them to fight with.

Instant Pot is awesome!

Boiled Egg?

Yes! Boiled egg or eggs. How hard is it? Simple!, people will tell you. Put some water in the pan, add the eggs and turn on your stove,  bring to boil, some said 6 minutes. You are done. Some will tell you to add vinegar or clove or  baking soda. Then ice bath. Next step, shake them in the pan (did I hear Taylor Swift singing with those eggs? Shake it off lol) until all cracked then peel and you can enjoy your hard boiled egg.

While it works for some people, it doesn’t for others.  I guess we are all different. Different taste, different preferences.  I heard that where you live matters. The altitude, how fresh your egg, how many eggs you are trying to boil and on and on and on.

Why is it a big deal? Why talk about boiling egg..I might have nothing else to do you must think. No I think we are all agree on one thing..nobody like the greenish hard boiled egg. Nobody really enjoy peeling hard boiled egg.

Well as you already knew, no you don’t know because I have been slacking or too busy boiling eggs and forgot to update my blog *shame on me*. I have been doing whole30 since April 20th this year. My goal is to lower my blood sugar. I heard about this awesome lifestyle change through one wonderful lady I met on the Instant Pot FB community. Long story short, I have been able to get that down within a short period of time and guess what….

No craving for the awesome goodness of my weaknesses, chocolate, pasta, bread, cake..yes all those yummy stuffs. Yes I know they are good. But I am not craving for those. I went to a bakery to get some for my son, he ate in front of me and it did not bother me at all.

My coworker is joining the band wagon. She doesn’t really need to do it but I am so glad she does. Her support means a lot to me. So does my husband and son.

Back to boiling egg…Instant pot. Yes Instant pot, pressure cooker..whatttt?.

Boil your egg in pressure cooker. 3 minutes for soft to medium boiled egg. 6 minutes for hard boiled egg. I usually do a dozen at once. I heard you can do couple dozens at once. For me, it is perfect everytime. And it’s speedy fast. Only need 1 cup of water and therefore it’s fast for the Instant Pot to reached pressure, put the trivet or rack in, arrange your eggs on the trivet, closed the lid and the vent, then start the 3 minutes manual. Once beep, release preasure by opening the vent. Take the egg out and into ice bath for 1 minute or so and crack them to peel.

I like to play with my food. I do my egg fight everytime. I bonked 2 eggs to each other…always 1 winner 1 loser..the loser will cracked and you will do this until it looks like a mosaic of egg shell. Peel from the bottom as there’s always a space from the shell on the bottom with the egg and therefore it’s easier to grab the membrane. Once you get that part, it will peel like paper. There you go another way to “boil” eggs.

See it’s  not hard..

Another thing that I was scared to do in the Instant Pot was rice. I grew up with the magic of rice cooker and always get perfect steamed rice everytime. Alas, one day my rice cooker decided to not working anymore. Yes she quit she said. And went straight into retirement. What do I do? I am asian, I need my rice. I don’t like instant rice. So there… research time. Browse here and there and decided to use Instant Pot to do the rice.  I am just glad I did. It is … again..faster and fluffy white rice. I like jasmine rice. So here is what i do. 2 cups uncooked jasmine rice into the instant pot liner, wash and rinse the rice, then add 2 1/2 cups of water, a pinch of salt and put the liner into the base and closed the lid and vent. Press manual 3 minutes and walk away. Once it beeped, let it goes into warming zone for 7 minutes before you release the pressure. Open the lid to see this fluffy perfectly cooked rice.


So you see why I love my Instant Pot. I love it so much I decided to got myself another one for my birthday couple months ago. Now they are selling the bigger one 8 quarts..debating whether to get it or not. Decision decision. …oh well as long and these 2 still works, I should sit back and enjoy my rice and eggs and live happily ever after.

Have a nice weekend everyone!