Harry Potter theme cupcakes

Had a request from one of my fave lil girlfriends for her birthday she is going to have a painting party with her gffs and wanting a Harry Potter cupcakes. Unusual theme for a 10 yo girl?  Probably..but that was what made it special and challenging for me as I don’t recall making any cupcakes with theme like this previously other than me played with fondant at the beginning of my baking life 4 years ago.

Show you how special this girl is..the flavor she asked for is not vanilla or just chocolate, she wanted red velvet cake and chocolate..yessss chocolate lover.

Anyway i had nothing but fun making these cupcakes for her.
First i did my list of detail from HP that i can turn into toppers.
The hat, glasses, wand, book of spell, broom, scarf, scroll with the categories of wizards and last but not least, the golden ball snitch, is that the name?.

That’s done. Comes the execution..put my thinking cap on what do I need to use to make those details. Wand, glasses using black fondant, let it sit for few days to dries out then i paint the handle of the wand with gold color. The book used white fondant covered with modeling chocolate as cover and the #10 paint with gold. Now i wish I think about this earlier, using wafer paper turn into the book so it looks more like a real book before covering with modeling chocolate…next time. For the scarf,  hat i used modeling chocolate. The broom stick is modeling chocolate and the broom part is wafer paper. Golden ball is white fondant painted with gold food coloring and attached the wafer paper wings. Banner is wafer paper brush with light brown duster and written the text with edible ink pens.

Here is the result of all of those details.
Hope you like this.








Chocolate cupcakes 2 ways

I have a request to make chocolate cupcakes for a little gathering tomorrow. My lady friend said chocolate when I asked what flavor she wants me to make.
I kept thinking on how to elevate the request. Somehow the thought about making “just” chocolate cupcakes sounds boring to me. Don’t get me wrong,  I love chocolate and anything chocolate, I just think it would be more fun if they are not just plain chocolate.

Here I am at night after dinner and dessert with my hubby and boyo..whipping some chocolate cupcakes which I always add espresso to my batter. Half of the batter I mixed with cherry pie filling.

Once all baked and done, it’s time to make the frosting. I decided to use whipped cream instead of buttercream. So the one with the cherry pie filling in the batter is going to be black forest cupcakes…brushed with liquor and topped with whipped cream and garnished with shaved chocolate and cherry. The other one is inspired by my fave Starbucks drinks, Caramel Macchiato.  I topped with butterscotch whipped cream and drizzled with caramel, and whooper chocolate. For fun, I cut some straws and stuck them into the cupcakes. They are adorable. Moist chocolate cupcakes..I had to stole one ;). I hope she likes them.

Here are the pictures. Sorry not a good pictures, too lazy to grabbed my serious camera so I used my phone.




Red Velvet Cake – no cream cheese

Ok don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting. However, since my mother in law introduced me with a different frosting for red velvet years back, we (me and husband) prefer this frosting. Old fashioned vanilla buttercream frosting is what we call it.

It’s not as sweet as regular frosting, though my frosting for my cakes are not as sweet as the bakery’s frosting, it’s fluffy it’s just perfect.

It started with whisking a cup of milk with four tablespoons of flour and keep whisking while you cook them. The result is a creamy and rather thick mixture. Once you achieved that, set them aside. Let them cool down so they won’t fight with the cup of butter and a cup of powdered sugar that you creamed in a mixer with a dash of vanilla. Once they cooled, pour them into the fluffy butter and sugar you have mixed then beat them again until it’s fluffy. It’s sooooooooo fluffy I am so happy.

Use them to frost your red velvet cake. I tried to use them on one of my carrot cake cupcake. It does not work for this. It works fine with Red velvet cake or cupcakes though. I am searching for a different frosting for carrot cake other than cream cheese frosting. I like cake as it is without frosting and have no problem eating my carrot cake without it. But for others that like it with frosting and do not want cream cheese… never been asked before but who knows…I need to explore other frosting for this one. Was thinking about browned butter frosting or maple buttercream..we’ll see. Let me know if you have something in mind that you think would work for this purposes.

Anyway here is the red velvet cupcakes with old fashioned vanilla buttercream.

Steamed sponge cake aka Bolu Kukus

Steamed sponge cake or should I say cupcake since it’s made in a little cup? Known as Bolu Kukus. It’s an Indonesian cake that is very famous, not only because it’s pretty looking, taste so good, kinda sorta healthy, and some people are “cursed” for having no success in making these cake smile. 

Healthy? My son asked. Well, perhaps a little better if you compare it to Lapis legit or layer cake that use 30 yolks in their ingredients and lots of butter. These Bolu Kukus is steamed, no butter, no oil. It is using Sprite to plumped it up :). Some said the cake is laughing or happy when it’s successfully beautifully made. It looks like a flower actually, blooming. While the one that claimed that they get the “Bolu Kukus Cursed”, the cake is not blooming. It does not really failed, the cake mostly are soft but the top just not cracking / bloom like it supposed to be.
I remember my mom, whenever she make this cake, most of them will not bloom. And using the same recipe one of us, me or my siblings, would get a better result. Even with the same recipe. So I had been reluctant to make any attempt to make it here. For several reasons, the cursed and I will probably be the only one enjoying the cake as my husband and son are not too crazy about traditional Indonesian steamed dessert. 
However since I am craving for it these days, I gather all my strength, I even took my brave pill prior to made my first attempt. Searched for the recipe online and found one from here Bolu Kukus, seems easy and so I tried it. 
As I started beating the eggs and sugar, I realized I don’t have Sprite in my fridge. I do have diet root beer. I thought oh well it’s soda anyway let’s just use it. Waited patiently while it was in the steamer because I remember one of the tip mentioned as I search for the recipe was not to open the steamer until at least 20 minutes. 
Ok 20 minutes done I open the lid with excitement only to found these:
Cursed Steamed Sponge Cake
Whoaaaaa I am cursed! Bolu Kukus cursed! It tasted good, soft but it just did not bloom. Well that was last week. Today I searched again for a different recipe and did the same ritual, took my brave pill and all. And I read the step by step posted by Lisa Basuki on her blog. I even use the recipe she posted there. I decided to use the one without the emulsifier. After all the cups are filled up and sit nicely in the steamer, I still have a cup of chocolate batter left. Hummm I can’t open the steamer I grabbed a Pyrex bowl, greased it and pour the batter in. I popped it in the microwave for 5 minutes and got my tasting test .
Microwaved Chocolate Cake

Taste good, not as sweet as the first attempt recipe. It is soft, so I really can’t wait for the one still in the steamer. Finger crossed!. Tick tock tick tock…30 minutes feels sooooooooooooo soooooooooooo long.

Ding ding ding .. finally it’s done..please smile please smile…I took off the lid and I saw these:
They are smiling!
No more Bolu Kukus Cursed.
Yeehaaa…I am so happy. Maybe I have to put them in a safety box lol. Or framed it. So glad I came across the post by Lisa. I can’t wait to bite those sponge cake. I know it’s not as pretty as Lisa’s Bolu Kukus yet. Hers are awesomely bloom. But works and practice makes perfect so I will definitely try to make more Bolu Kukus. It is not frightening anymore. Not so much :). My son is actually gobbling down the one I made in the microwave as I am typing this. He just had his 3rd piece he said. I can’t wait to tell my mom about my cake. 
Oh if you want to see the good image of bolu kukus you can check the link below. She is using a different recipe. I love the color that she used on hers Bolu kukus. Maybe next time I will try it.
Uccy’s Bolu Kukus

We gotta start somewhere!

Hi y’all as Paula Deen says…The butter queen. I adore her. She is awesome I don’t know why but I have been thinking about Paula, her recipes, her story, her restaurant, her hard work to get to this point. She is amazing, at least from what I read. 

Anyway, it’s gotta start somewhere..and I have always been wanting to start something, some sort of business in the food area. So finally I challenged myself on building a simple website and store. We (me and my husband) came up with the name Drizzle Dippin as what started the whole encouragement to start the whole thing was cake balls. I was into cake balls for the past couple months and as you all know with cake balls, we dip them and drizzles them with chocolate. So there thank you cake balls I am now tackling my other fear of cooking. Yes cake decorating. Not quite sure why decorating a whole big cake was just frightening for me. I don’t mind cupcake probably due to the size that is so small that you don’t really have to think about a whole nine yard theme and stick with it. 

Cake are different. The whole decoration has to be in one theme. Have to stick with the theme from top to bottom. That is just my opinion. I decided to take a basic decorating class after my husband convince me to take them. He said if I need to take a class to convince myself that I can do it, then go for it. He really supports me with this cooking thingy πŸ™‚. So I did and this week is my 3rd session out of the 4 sessions of basic cake decorating class at Wilton. I am going to the next one for gum paste and then fondant. Though I have been making or should I say baking for friends and family. My, again, co-worker and my son’s classmates and teacher, not to mentioned my families had been getting my creations. It’s still not perfect in my opinion as I am a perfectionist. Even my instructor at Wilton said so after being in his class for 3 times πŸ™‚ . Well can’t help it. 

So here is the website that I am blubbering about tonight, Drizzle Dippin. Still needs lots of work but … hey we gotta start somewhere right? 

Wish me luck!

Cake Balls

I have been fighting this little image on my head for the sake of my diet that just started last week. Yeah finally gave in to the good conscious. However this sweet little chocolate ball images with pastel color drizzle keep floating around me. Tempted? YES.

It started few weeks back when I bought this book about cupcake with fondant decorating. I made some and spent almost $300 in 1 day at 2 stores..yeah..not so proud of myself that day. Even now.. Anyway after I made these cupcakes and we were talking about cakes at work. 


My co-worker mentioned about Cake Balls. I made that once but never made it again. She said a friend of hers made THE BEST cake balls and she will bring one for me. So she did and it was really moist. Pretty good one. And so ever since then I have this obsession to tackle this one challenge.

So the hunt for good cake ball recipes began. As usual before I tackle a challenge I would do some research about the subject first. It’s hard to decide which one is the good one or should I say the best recipe or review. All are good. As usual .. again.. I ended up making my own version. After all  it is a cake right? What could go wrong with that? 

In the mission of building up my confidence to make the cake ball I said to myself: “Well the reviews and recipes are all started with CAKE BOX MIX and a can of FROSTING then melt the chocolate for the cover.. how could one mess that up??” Right? 

The debates still on inside my head. But the cake is ready and cooling off. I only have yellow cake mix in the pantry today so I am using what I have. Then for the frosting we have options here. I have the french vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. It’s obvious the French is the winner this time πŸ™‚. We shall see won’t we.

Off for now. I will continue when my cake is really cooling off and then the fun of making cake ball shall begin. Until then, let’s put on our thinking cap on what should we do with the cover up and the make up..I mean the coating and the pretty drizzle to garnish the cake ball. Can’t wait to start but I know this time I have to be patient. Not easy for me πŸ™‚.

Ta ta for now = TTFN.

Chocoffee cake with coffee buttercream

This image of chocolate coffee cake with the chocolate covered coffee bean has been floating around my mind since couple weeks ago. I just could not get rid of it. I think it is all because it’s not part of this diet and therefore I am craving and keep imagining stuffs that I can’t have. *sigh*.. 

I woke up this morning knowing that we are going to go to my mother in laws house who loves sweets, and going to look for a car which not gonna be fun, decided to whip something quick. Found a box of devil’s food cake and decided to make my own creation with some coffee involves. Put in the whole box, add a box of butterscotch instant pudding, 4 eggs, vegetable oil probably like around 1/2 cups and water for 1 1/4 cups. What about the coffee? I mixed 3 tablespoons of instant coffee with the water and dumped everything in a bowl and mix them.

Another thing that help me decided on making this was because I went to World Market yesterday and found cute little bundt cake pans, mini loaf pans, cookie cutter and so on. It’s a good timing, now I can try using my mini bundt pan. 

Pour the batter in the greased and floured bundt pan, and put Hershey kisses inside the batter and baked them for 20 minutes. Now it’s time to think about the butter cream, I thought while the cake is baking. Open my magic pantry and grab the can of vanilla butter cream. Mix 1 tablespoon instant coffee granules with 2 tablespoons water and whip them up until the mixture is incorporated. Put them in a plastic bag ready for decorating and set aside in the fridge. Once the cake is ready, let it cool before decorate them with the icing.

It turned out pretty good. Next time I will add more coffee on both the cake and the cream..but it was great. Love the consistency of the butter cream and the taste. Adding the bitterness of the coffee helps to reduce the sweetness of the icing. Perfect to splurge a little with a cup of hot tea or coffee. And after dealing with car salesmen I think we all deserve a little pampering don’t we?

“Special” Peanut Butter Cupcakes

I baked and brought to work and of course my husband’s office mates got some too, Peanut butter cupcakes. Wonderful recipe! As usual when my son sees me cooking he will show a little enthusiasm for a little bit. He wants to help and of course I let him. So I give him a very important responsibility to unwrap the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and stuck them in the batter as I pour it on the muffin tin. He did good, no mess, all perfect. Put them in the oven, baked. He wanted to have them for breakfast but he can’t take it to school. They have the “NO NUTS” policy at school. So I told him he can have them as his dessert after dinner that day. Took some to work and my husband got his part. 

I was and still am on a diet but this craving for sweets is just way too strong. I made those goodies and I can’t even eat them…heck I cheated. Not so proud of myself, but I need to know! What do I have to do?

Went to lunch with dear husband, and asked him if anybody say anything about the cupcakes. He said they like them, they said it’s good. Even make the temptation to try one of them escalated. Back to my office, made a special trip to the kitchen. And I grabbed one. Feel really bad that I knew that I am about to cheat and the curiosity was equally intense. As my mouth opened and my teeth landed on the cupcakes, I felt something weird, paper! Took them out. Oh em gee..the paper cups from the Reese’s peanut butter in the cupcake. So I guess my little assistant unwrapped the wrapper but not the paper cups. 

Immediately I emailed my husband and my office mates, apologizing for those who ate the cupcakes. They are all laughed and said “but it’s still very good”. 

On the way home after we picked up my Lil assistant, I told him what happened with the cupcakes. I said apparently we forgot to took that paper cups off from the peanut butter cups. My 4 years old assistant replied: Mom, I asked you last night like 5 times, what are we going to do with the paper and you did not answer me!

My husband could not stop laughing! I was so embarrassed..all along it’s my error. Lesson to learn, better start listening to my assistant lol.

Pumpkin Rules

Pumpkins in the air

I am not a fan of pumpkin before I tried a pumpkin roll cake with cream cheese that my co-worker made for Thanksgiving last year at work. It was soft, moist and the creaminess of the cream cheese was oh so good. She is a baker, a good baker while me..not so much. So here I am with Halloween just passed and Thanksgiving around the corner, the weather dropping, and I found myself brought home half a dozen cans of pumpkin puree from the store.

I did made the pumpkin rolls with cream cheese last year for Christmas. It was worth the trouble. There’s also a pumpkin bread that to my surprised my son could not stay away from it. I had the loaf of pumpkin bread on top of my stove one night, trying to let it cool a little bit before I slice them, only to found that he had dug some of it since he could not wait until it’s cool and mommy sliced them. That’s how good it was! 

Pumpkin is in the air again for the second time in our house. After those half dozen cans of pumpkin puree I brought home, I have made pumpkin whoopies or moon pies. Did not know that lots of people are not familiar with whoopies. Moon pies are more popular. I read in one of the site that it was all started with the Amish, when the kids find moon pies in their lunch box they will get happy and scream : Whoopie!  and so there was how it then has a nick name of whoopies. Mine did not turn out perfect, shape wise, it’s not flat like I want it to be. It does taste great though..that’s what matter right? 

I sent my husband to work with a tupperware full of these pumpkin whoopies, he said they were gone in 20 second. His co-worker emailed and thank me to those goodies and some of them ask for the recipes.

Then there’s a pumpkin kisses cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. A very light and moist pumpkin cupcakes filled with kisses (Hershey kisses)  topped with  Cream Cheese frosting. One of his co-worker who does not like pumpkin, loves them. Did not make some for my co-workers, so I made more the next day for them. 

Love baking these goodies as the whole house smells so good. Each recipe uses about half cans of the pumpkin puree, left me with less than a half pumpkin puree. Hates to waste good stuffs, I was already laid on my bed with my son and decided to got up and search for stuffs in the fridge and pantry. All set, got all I needed to make bread pudding, which I add my leftovers pumpkin puree. I grabbed my leftovers home made whole wheat raisins bread and hawaiian rolls, cut them up and drizzled with melted butter. While I was whisking the egg, milk and sugar, and the good ol pumpkin puree and of course vanilla and pumpkin spices, my son got busy with the raisins and he came up with this idea of using hershey kisses, his treasures from trick or treater. The bread turned out really good, the color is so pumpkinish..orangish. My boss’ wife had to stopped by in my office to tell me how good it was, so did my husband’s co-workers. Even my 4 years old loves them. Such a wonderful pumpkin goodies!