Brush Strokes


I so can’t wait for this weekend! Planning on organizing the whole house. Yes that’s the plan :). I know I know.. it’s better to take 1 step at a time. But these pinterest ideas are so tempting. I can’t wait to have my laundry room or my pantry or the whole house all organize and labeled. Yes that dangerous label maker! It’s on my hand now. I feel so strong and powerful.

I think I can wear my waist apron and put my label maker in my apron pocket and imagine myself walking around with my “gun” that shoot labels! Feel the power? Wonder if I should put on my boots and cowboy hats while I am tackling this project.

I feel like I have to make a list of what type of container, and colors for what I need so that I won’t get distracted at the store trying to get “just what I need”. Once I start tomorrow I will take picture of the before and after, if mission is accomplished.

Tackling the whole house probably sound like a not too good plan. I should be happy if I tackle the laundry room, pantry and kitchen. Then move to the other rooms gradually. Yeah I think I like that plan better.

Going to donate most of the stuffs. Telling myself to be brave to part from those stuffs. He has issue with CDs while me with recipe books and kitchen appliances. We are all have our own thing :).

Going to start another painting tonight. I have an idea of what it is going to be. Still molding it in my head.

And of course the Rangers are playing so I am typing here and watching them as well. It’s gonna be a busy weekend and week ahead. Organizing and cleaning, baking. I have 6 cakes to make for next week. Glad that it’s not all custom cake. It’s gonna be regular cake. Carrot cake, Strawberry cake, Red Velvet cake and triple chocolate fudge cake, a birthday girl cake in a mermaid theme, and a cake for August birthday celebration at work.

Wish me luck!

New Painting

We have a 3 days weekend which I wish every weekend is 3 days. We usually go out of town during Labor day weekend. But decided to stay in this time. Went to my in laws on Sunday, my son got to play with his cousin while daddy hang out with his bro bro and I had a nice conversation with my sister in law about something we both enjoy, painting. She has her illustrations made with ink and color it digitally. While I did the lazy route before just went straight digital :D. Since my tablet pen was not working, I stopped and switch to canvas which I really enjoy. I have bought a new pen that still in the box. I think I really like dropping my paints on the canvas rather than virtually. I might change my mind some day, depending on my mood ;).

Went to the mall today base on , surprisingly, my son’s request. Well of course I said yes. It’s rare, I mean rareeeeeeee that he wants to go to the mall ; read: shopping; with mommy. He’s so daddy’s boy on that subject. So we did walk around the mall, he asked if he can go to Lego store and then we got 1 for him and I decided to grab another one for my nephew’s birthday present next week. Oh and we stopped by at FuzziWig Candy Store I was curious about the bacon covered chocolate. Interesting but we are all not crazy about it.

Stopped by at P.F. Changs for some “snack attack” we ordered shrimp dumplings, came with 6 little purse of dumpling and I got to taste 1 piece and he ate all 5 of them. He always know how and when to push the button. He said that it’s really good but what I made for him at home was even better and gave me a kiss and hug lol. Then We had calamari with salt and pepper while waiting for daddy to come pick us up from his CD hunting.

Next stop was mommy’s candy store, which is my asian grocery shopping. Found my teh botol and sambal that I was looking for. So I am happy :). Though we only really eat dinner over the weekend. I only cook for my son during the week for dinner. These asian food I am craving right now gotta wait until next weekend, if I can wait ;).

Back to the painting I did today, I saw a picture of my cousin on facebook with the background of some trees that looks so pretty. And I decided to grabbed a little canvas and my pencil while having my Sumatran coffee I started sketching.



My boys were ready to go before I finish my project so I had to stop and do the more important stuffs, shopping!

Got back home at night and still have piles of laundry that my dear husband is doing right now. So I had time to finished my painting while my son worked on the Lego we bought at the mall today. He did really good. He built them by himself. We bought the Lego for a much older age and he did it. He was so proud of himself.  I finished my painting and now time to hit the bed. Thank God for a 4 days work! Here is my new painting let me know what you think. Keep in mind I am still learning :).


Oh and look at this little duck we saw at the mall..with the 104 degree outside I think even the duckies know it’s better to stay inside and stay in the water.

Piles of leaves finished

Finally today I dragged my husband and son to stop by at Michael’s to get my paints. We had quick dinner since my son said he is starving :). Well he’s hungry every 5 second :P. Even after finishing his 6 pieces chicken nuggets plus a bowl of fruits and had some of my chicken nuggets followed my frozen yogurt after dinner, he’s hungry again as soon as we reached the house!.

Anyway I am typing here and looking at my fingers and hand with paints here and there. Weird thing is I don’t look at it as dirty :). I am actually proud and happy about it. Makes me feel good!

I showed the unfinished work to my coworker today, her comment was it’s too Christmas, the colors are. Because I have the Red and Green on it. What do you think?

Busy days

There’s nothing much to report here. I have been busy at work and home with of course work and getting ready for first day of school. My son seems really bored with not doing anything structured with the baby sitter and his friend. We have this sweet girl babysit him and his friend. They do go to the park or swimming of some days where getting out from the house does not seem a good idea, they cave in. And that’s the time they usually gets into trouble. The past couple days had been rough for all. The clock is ticking, I think we are all ready to go back to our routine.

I have not been in the mood of doing any painting, I just did one due to “I have nothing else to do” and of course I am not happy with the result. Nothing but swirling my brush on canvas and testing the new paints we bought. Not happy with that either. Ughh…

On the cooking discovery, I discover something that ..well I have known for ages however it did not cross my mind whenever I made this simple dish. We call it Lomein here, back home it’s simply fried noodle. I have this food hawkers that I love since I was a kid. One of the worker, he started as waiter and became the cook later on when I was in college, used to take me to school or pick me up from school since we were neighbour. Anyway they have this fried noodle that is really good. I think they used chicken and there’s this thing I can’t remember the name..made of tapioca starch and pork lard if I am not mistaken, they mixed them and then steamed and sliced as part of the “meat” for the friend noodle. And it was so good. No other place do this, or if they do, it’s just not the same. Ok back to my discovery. I made fried noodle with so many different combination myself and it was good. But never been the same with what I have in mind. Yesterday I was whipping dinner in a crunch for my son, i grabbed some bacon from the ice chest and mushroom and all the other stuffs for my noodle. I saute the chopped bacon and start cooking the fried noodle. I took a bite before I served it to my son. And oh my..that noodle is exactly taste like I have been craving for. Now I remember the key is the pork fat. They use pork fat when they cook theirs. The tapioca starch concoction has pork fat in it. And I recall I made instant noodle and added a table spoon of pork fat and it was tasted way much more better. I know I’s not the best way to cook healthy. But once a while I think it’s ok? *me justifying*.

as far as my work, nothing much. Been very busy these days. Can’t complain though. It’s good for business but it’s not too good for my sanity. Specially when all of my sales rep were busy at the same time and none of them seems really want to share “me”. I have to juggle between their projects so that each of them won’t feel neglected.

Had 2 days of nice chat at lunch with my co workers, different people at different days and place. We have this Chipotle open in front of our building. They have been busy of course. I think almost all Chipotle I have seen were busy at lunch time. We have another new additions to our building in the past couple months. Chipotle and before that was Starbucks. Funny before they were opened we were like oh I can’t wait for them to open. Once they actually did…I went to starbucks 3 times, First 2 was because I had to meet friends and it was on the same day that time. The 3rd one was when my coworker picked me up from home and bought me donuts and coffee from there. Wasn’t that nice? Yeah he had to picked me up since I was supposed to work from home that day. And had no wheel since my husband took the car to work and I was not planning to go anywhere.

Speaking of breakfast and co-worker, we were watching the Rangers game last night and the commercial of Sonic breakfast burrito came on. It looks so good that I told my husband if someone bring me that in the morning I will give them a hug and love them even more. Right when I got to work this morning I saw a message on my yahoo from my coworker, asking if I am coming in today or not and I better be in because breakfast is waiting on my chair. So I replied I am in as I walked to the elevator. Got in, opened the door to my room and there it was on my chair..Sonic bag. of them got the vibes I sent last night apparently ahahahha….I told her what I said to my husband last night and how surprised I was to see the Sonic bag this morning.  So tomorrow is payback time. I was going to stop by at the donut place we like this morning, I am glad I didn’t. I will tomorrow though. And will get her some that she likes.

It’s so nice to have friends that cares about you and you care about them as much! Life is good!

Meet the teacher went smooth, they seem nice. My son was shy of course. He always that way with new person. Funny some of the girl friends were so happy to see him. Hope this will be a good year for him. I had to assigned him to the gymnastic place again since the Karate place never respond to my email and I was anxious to get everything ready, signed him up for after school care and such before school actually start. When you are not responding, how can I be sure that I will have someone picking him up from school when it starts. So of course after I signed him up with the gymnastic place then I received the email from this Karate place wanting us to come and fill in the form and pay. Something that I have been asking for months. Too bad. I really wanted him to try this Karate place but does not seem to work this time. Maybe next time!

Cake moment, Rainbow cake! Yes Rainbow cake..that cake was so pretty it scared me. It’s everywhere, everybody talks about it. I finally forced myself to make some rainbow cake. I used cake mix just because I want to try to get the color. I have leftovers frosting from the day before when I made the Spiderman cake and so mixing red and blue, you guessed it right! Purple!. First time I made it was more of a tie dye cake in a form of bundt cake.

Then I made the actual rainbow cake. layers of 6 cakes. Yepp 6. So the cake was so tall and big that to top it off I had to do the ruffle icing decoration which made the cake even bigger. Glad that we went to my bro in law’s house that day so I was able to scratch half of it to that direction.

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. -Gautama Buddha

Paint paint paint away..

I was not sure what had happened tho this post, somehow the layout just did not right. Such a mess and when I tried to fix it, I accidentally delete the whole thing. So frustrating!

Anyway, I am in the mood for painting these days. I stop my cake order since it’s way too hot here in Texas. Couple times my cakes melt during transfer, even with a full blown AC. So I think it’s better that I wait until it’s cool enough before I start taking order. 

I remember back in grade school, every Saturday afternoon after school I’d have to go back to school to take the art lesson. Sat on the floor and start drawing using pencil and crayons. Learned new techniques every week. It was so much fun. Art is my favorite subject throughout the school years aside from math…years ago that was.

I have been drawing on my computer, digitally it is, I find it quite challenging drawing with a mouse as a pen. I broke my tablet pen and have not get a new one. You can view my digital art on my Gallery. 

We had our family art night few weeks back and my son painted this fish that he call it “Charlie the fish”. He asked me to put it on Etsy for sale. But he specifically said not to put it on sale like the other people price their arts. Not $8000, not $5000, but $25. I asked him why $25, he said, so that whoever buys his painting will still have money to buy food for their family. That way their kids won’t starve. Isn’t he thoughtful? I love him so much. He’s only 6 but boy he surely has a very mature mind for his age. Please meet “Charlie the Fish”



He is so proud of it 🙂

While me on the other side..could not stop since that day. I keep on painting whenever I have the time. I have 5 on canvas so far. Still learning so your kind opinions and comments are welcome. 

The first painting on canvas panel I did was the “Faces of the Forest”


My second one, my favourite, I called “Thinking”  It’s about a guy that has so many things going on his life and his mind. He’s a very kind person and wise yet fun person to talk with. The colorful background in different colors representing all the stuffs going on around him. His posture is exactly how he is when he is thinking. I want to show that he is a fun person by using the red shoes color.



Then I had a devastating meetings working on the import project at work that inspired me to make this piece I called “Discussion”.



Couple days staring at the blank canvas with no ideas what to put on even though I really want to .. then a friend of mine post a new picture of her on facebook. I was stunned by that image of her. So pretty. Peaceful, it’s just beautiful. The colors of her dress and the expression of her were just amazing. I kept thinking about it since that day I saw it. Finally after my son went to bed, I walked to my working area again and the staring contest with the blank canvas started. And this time I won!. I started  my painting and created this below that I call “Praying Mother”. I emailed her and show her the picture and ask for her permission to put it online. So here it goes…It’s not as pretty as the original picture but I think I did pretty ok. 


My last one I created after having lunch with a friend who were venting about some  girls she knows that are so pretty, have a good carrier, money, healthy, great in so many visible way you can think of, yet they never feel they are. They always think they are not good enough. Could be they feel insecure that they think that they really have to impress people with the way they dress up. You got the idea…It’s not just’s only human.  Here is my painting on that subject.


I have not have any staring competition with the canvas since I finished this one couple days ago. I think it will win the game so I rather not. Though I am …I think I am..almost ready for the next competition soon. Until then..hope you enjoy it.

I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.
Pablo Picasso


Scratch here and there

It’s a mix feeling I am having now…glad that my son is completely clear from the rash caused by a virus which made me had to work from home while taking cake of him. And the not wanting to leave home for the Monday at work. We had art night that put me back on my sketch book and on my online scratch pad. He loves coloring but not actually drawing :). My poor little guy, the virus was really gets to him this time. It’s all started with runny nose and dry cough. After few days with that symptoms the cough produced more phlegm and then the fever came on board with the special guest, rash breaking out. And it was terrible..he literally had this red spots looks like measles spots from head to toes. Doctor prescribed antibiotic and nothing else. He was itching so bad and could not sleep. So I decided to give him oatmeal bath to calm the rash and dabbed him with caladryl lotion. That seems helps…I think. After almost a week then it’s finally clear off yesterday.

Thank God he is fine now. The whole time I was home working and taking care of him, I was able to did some drawing and baked some cookies for Tom Grieve at the Rangers game. It was so hot these days and that makes me thinking about the sun…the heat and why we need it. To think that we all need the sun..though I prefer it cold, I do realize that we can’t live without it. 

The others I made are listed in ImageKind Store I usually do mine digitally but my tablet pen is broken and I have not get my new one yet. The drawing for me is another hobby that I do on my spare time. I remember back in high school I usually helps my classmate with their drawing. And my teacher, the one we call Pak Raden because he looks exactly like Pak Raden from the kids show in Indonesia call Unyil. One time I was late submitting my assignment and I went to his office to submitted mine. And he was like..why ? He said I don’t need to add more assignment since he has enough to give me an A for all he had from me. If I give him that one more assignment then he might have to give me better than A and he can’t :P.

I used to scratch some fashion designs and I remember it’s all started out with my mom taking sewing and design class and I tried to draw some and she laughed at mine.. So I was determined to keep learning by myself and I did. I finally did it and she was not laughed at it. She actually said it was pretty good. Then I begins to compile all of my was not as thick ad the bible yet but it was about 1″ thick a book of my fashion designs. One day, I can’t remember who, it was borrowed and I never see it anymore. All gone. And as you know I stopped.

Nowadays I pour my passion in creating something pretty in the more tasty media. I do it on my cake. For some people cake is just a cake, though these days it’s more than just a cake. It’s another form of art. I really want to send a baseball themed cake to Tom Grieve but with the heat in Texas, I rather not. So I made nastar instead and french macarons. My husband was thrilled when he announced that he got nastar from me lol..pretty funny hearing my name on TV. My son wants his name to be announced on TV so he looked at my cookbook and picked a recipe that he wants to make and send to Tom Grieve at the Rangers game. I will let you know when that actually happen. He will be flipped if he hears his name on TV.

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” 
― Julia Child