Just gotta utilize my Instant Pot

Yepp that title really said it all. That’s what I always think whenever I read a recipe or want to make something. How can I do that in Instant Pot. Not that I hate my stove,  no no no. Don’t want to let the stove heard that. I still need her for my baking, or baking. But she is a look hot, not in a good way I guess, that every time I turn her on my AC decided to work harder to compete with her.

So this Saturday, me and my friends decided to join a cooking class which were organized by the Indonesian Community of Dallas. There were 50 people came. The house was packed as all of us ladies gather around the kitchen island to watch how to make 3 Indonesian delicacies. 

We started with meatball known as baso sapi. Made of a mixture or ground beef, seasonings, tapioca starch,  egg white. They mix them by hand.  I, the lazy me, on the other hand, every time I make this I utilize my gadgets. So I am making the meatball today using my own way of making it. 

The only different I notice was I added nutmeg and fried garlic to my mixture.  

First started.

After a couple minutes 

See my tools in action.

Ready to be rolled 

You can squeeze it in between you thumb and fingers to form the ball before dropping them into hot water. Or use 2 teaspoons to form the balls. The last ia my preferred way. 

Here is the meatballs. It is done when it start to float, give it a couple more minutes before strained them. At this point, they can be serve with broth and noodles or freeze for later use.  Since I have made this last week, I am going to juat freeze them.

How do I use Instant Pot? Well I boiled the water in the pot and using sautee function.  All meatballs done is less than 1 hour. I used 2 lbs ground beef. 

The other dish I decided to make after class was kue lapis pepe or tapioca starch layer cake. My childhood sweets that I like. I used to eat them layer by layer, pulling each chewy layer until the last part. This delicacies are available in so many different names from each countries in Asia. I learned that Vietnames, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysian, Indonesian and some others have a very similar dishes. And this is one of them.

It is so pretty, translucent looking layer cake made of coconut milk, sugar, tapioca starch, rice flour, water and vanilla. 

I mix all ingredients in my vitamix so that I don’t have to whipped them by hand. And steamed them layer by layer in my Instant Pot. 3 minutes per layer. I tried using high pressure 3 minutes it was looking like a bubble when I open the lid. So I decided to use the steaming function, but changed to a sautee method and using a rack to put the pan and glass lid covered with kitchen towel so that nothing will drip on the cake. I made it in 3 colors, white, green and the top layer is red. Just like I remember this cake growing up.

It was so good, not too sweet, chewy and fun to eat.

The mixture

After steaming, cooling down.

Here is the cake.

My Instant pot or should I say pots? They are busy this weekend.  I also made chicken porridge for dinner. Another dumped and walked away kind of meal. 20 Minutes, done and keep warm until we were ready to eat. And had a little bowl leftover for my breakfast. 


Minus the Chinese crullers, cakwe for the topping.

Well now I have to figure out what we are going to eat for lunch.  I better go and get busy with my kitchen tools and make a quick late lunch for my boys.

Kue Cubit

Kangen sama kue cubit, nyari nyari resep online gak jelas mana yang found one from Femina online today di coba follow exactly as it is in the recipe. Was not bad but I don’t think it’s the same with kue cubit I had…kind of hard try to remember ow it taste, the texture and all after 7 years…

3 butir telur ayam
150 g gula pasir
50 g margarin, lelehkan
1/8 sdt vanili bubuk
200 ml air
Ayak bersama:
1/2 sdt soda kue
300 g tepung terigu serbaguna
½ sdt garam

Kocok telur dan gula pasir hingga putih, masukkan campuran tepung terigu, sambil aduk perlahan hingga rata.
Tambahkan margarin leleh, vanili, dan air, aduk rata. Diamkan selama 60 menit hingga berbuih, sisihkan.
Panaskan cetakan kue cubit di atas api kecil, olesi margarin hingga rata. Tuang adonan ke dalam lubang-lubang cetakan hingga ¾ tinggi cetakan. Masak hingga matang, angkat. Sajikan.

Martabak Manis


500 gram tepung terigu
1 sdm susu bubuk
1/2 ragi instant
1/2 sdm soda kue
1/2 sdt baking powder
50 gram gula pasir
1 sdt garam
1 butir telur
1/2 sdt vanili bubuk
400 ml air
Isi : mentega, kacang tanah, gula pasir, mesyes, keju atau durian dan susu kental manis.


1. Kocok air bersama telur, masukkan ragi instant, susu bubuk, garam dan soda kue, baking powder, vanili dan gula pasir, aduk rata.
2. Masukkan tepung terigu sedikit-sedikit hingga menjadi adonan yang kental, diamkan selama 1 jam.
3. Panaskan wajan anti lengket, tuangkan adonan, diamkan hingga bersarang, taburkan isian menurut selera, matang dasarnya balik angkat.
4. Olesi dengan mentega, potong-potong dan sajikan.

Putu Bihun – Sweet Rice Noodle with brown sugar coconut milk sauce

500 gr bihun
3 gelas santan kental
4 gelas air panas
100 gr gula pasir
pewarna makanan
1 sdt garam
2 lbr daun pandan
1 sdm tepung kanji, larutkan dengan 1/2 gelas air

Rendam bihun dengan air panas selama ± 30 menit.
Rebus santan, pewarna makanan, garam dan gula
Bila santan sudah hangat masukkan bihun dan larutan
tepung kanji. Masak sampai santan habis.
Siapkan daun pisang yang sudah dibersihkan. Sendoki
adonan bihun, bentuk sesuai selera dan letakkan di
atas daun pisang.
Kukus selama 30 menit.

Dadar Ijo – Crepes with sweet coconut filling

Salah satu jajanan pasar yang selama ini gue pikir susah bikinnya ternyata mudah sekali.


150 gram tepung terigu
1 butir telur, kocok
1/4 sendok teh garam
25 cc air daun suji/pewarna hijau
200 cc santan


150 gram kelapa parut
150 gram gula merah
100 cc air
1 lembar daun pandan
1/4 sendok teh garam

Diatas api sedang, campur semua bahan isi, aduk rata, lalu masak hingga matang dan air terserap habis, angkat, bagi menjadi 15 bagian, sisihkan.

Masukan seluruh bahan kulit kedalam gelas blender, proses sampai halus.

Buat adonan menjadi 15 lembar dadar tipis, garis tengan 20 cm, lalu sisihkan.

Ambil 1 lembar kulit, isi dengan 1 bagian adonan isi, bungkus, lalu ulangi hingga bahan habis, sajikan.

Kue Pisang / Nagasari / Banana Rice Pudding


Indonesian snacks I grew up with. Made with rice flour and coconut milk, with plaintain banana slice filling then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.

Jajanan pasar yang ternyata gak repot bikinnya…gurih …

1 lbs rice flour
2 1/2 oz corn starch
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 teaspoon of salt
5 pieces pandanus leaves
2 liter coconut milk / 8.5 cups
4-5 steamed banana, sliced
Banana leaves

Mix the rice flour with half of the coconut milk

Bring to a boil half of the coconut milk, salt and pandaus leaves
Stir in the rice flour mixture and sugar. Stir continously until thickened

Turn off the heat, adds on corn starch little by little while keep on stirring.

Take onw cleaned banana leaves, put on 1 tablespoon the rice flour mixture, 1 sliced banana, another 1 tablespoon rice flour, wrapped it and put it on the steamer.

Steam for 25-30 minutes.