Who? Who? What?

I am a proud mother of an 14 years old boy. I am Chinese with a little Dutch descent and was born and raised in Indonesia. Moved to Texas to be with my better half.

I love cooking, baking to anything artsy … when I have the time.

I enjoy creating stuffs..and watching people enjoy what I create.

Cooking and baking are my passion. When I am bored and not doing any baking nor cooking, I found myself sitting with a sketch book or canvas, though I also like to work my scribbling online. Any form to let my ideas flowing from my head.

Being away from home is what made me live in my kitchen. I found it hard to find food that I missed which suit to my taste. I started cooking first, then after few years paying so much on celebration cakes I dare myself with a little push from my co-worker to start entering the baking area. I learned using fondant after one night sitting and playing with playdough with my son and making little figurines. And of course with so many episode of CakeBoss, I am obsessed with this cake world.

So here I am sharing with you with what I have been prepared for my friends and family.

Hope you enjoy my blog, and as always any positive comments or opinions are welcome…Be Sweet ;).

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