Cake Balls grrrrrrrrrrrrr moment!

It is true when you are not in a full force mood on baking, better don’t do it at all. I was pretty happy with the first cake ball I made. It was moist, the coating was smooth and I used chocolate chip that time. So today after sent my husband to Kroger to get…

Cake Balls Obsession

It’s a cold Sunday morning. My DH and DS still asleep. I have done my running around to get my “cake balls obsession” ingredients this morning. Grab some donuts on the way, filled in my car with gas and I am here now blabbing.  Since I made those cake balls I am obsessed with them….

It so worth it!

The wait is over.. my patience is paid off now. I made 3 of the cake balls in a hurry this morning before I went to work. Gave one for my husband and brought the 2 other pieces to work. Right when I got to work my husband emailed me and said that was delicious….

Patience is a virtue

In this case, my patience could be a yummy treat for ones I love . Ok as I mentioned on my earlier blabber session, that I have done quiet a bit of research of these little balls call cake balls. Some of the people that had made them said it’s easy, some said the other way. From…

Cake Balls

I have been fighting this little image on my head for the sake of my diet that just started last week. Yeah finally gave in to the good conscious. However this sweet little chocolate ball images with pastel color drizzle keep floating around me. Tempted? YES. It started few weeks back when I bought this book…