Cake balls

Cake Balls grrrrrrrrrrrrr moment!

It is true when you are not in a full force mood on baking, better don’t do it at all. I was pretty happy with the first cake ball I made. It was moist, the coating was smooth and I used chocolate chip that time.

So today after sent my husband to Kroger to get the candy bark as recommended by others, I force myself to finish up what I have started yesterday. I made 2 batches of the cake balls, one with Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting and another one Devil’s Food Cake with chocolate frosting.
I melt the vanilla ones first to work with my red velvet cake balls. I did half of the batch, the chocolate started to harden. So I stopped. Then I looked at my cake balls, some of the cake kind of poking out through the coating. And when it’s hard and I tried to put it on the paper cup, I saw the bottom part of the balls are my red velvet cake showing through. The one I made the other day was not like that. It was completely covered with the coating. And I then heat up the leftover vanilla coating and mixed in gel food coloring..made a pink color to drizzle on top.

Then moved to the next one, melt the chocolate candy coating, and again only made half of the batch and same thing happen. It’s smoother than the vanilla but it cracked on the top. Not all of them only several pieces.

So I have to do some more research on why this happen before I move to the next round.

Anyway here is the result of my Grrrrrr cake balls today.

The Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting covered with Vanilla Candy Coating.

Devil’s Food Cake with Chocolate Frosting covered with Chocolate Candy Coating

As you can see some of them cracking. Also some oil are oozing out. Wonder if the cake is too moist? 
Oh well here are couple more pictures of the cakeballs ready to take to my office and one for my husband’s office.

Cake Balls Obsession

It’s a cold Sunday morning. My DH and DS still asleep. I have done my running around to get my “cake balls obsession” ingredients this morning. Grab some donuts on the way, filled in my car with gas and I am here now blabbing. 

Since I made those cake balls I am obsessed with them. Well I have been obsessed of making tiny edible creations since long time ago though. I remember my mom got irritated by me whenever she put me inchange of making potato fritters (Perkedel = Indonesian dishes) and I always form the patties tiny in a size of a cake ball but flat. The original shape is more of a 2″ patties . And garnishing my food has been a habit. I just love to do that. Now that I am married and not live under her rule, I can pursue my obsession lol. 

Now back to the cake balls.. I have got myself some red velvet cake mix, dark chocolate cake mix, strawberry cake mix along with the frosting. Back home I search online for ideas of cake balls decoration and came across this website Bakerella. O M G she is awesome !! I was glued to my chair for a while looking at her pictures of cake balls, cake pop etc. And she has a cookbook for cake balls which of course I will have to have them. She is the diva for this cake balls. Awesome awesome creations. So many ideas that my head hurts . Oh gosh..

I told my husband last night that I will make more of the cake balls and since we should not eat them, yeah I have got to get back to my diet , I will send him to work with the cake balls and I will bring some to work or send some to the teachers at my son’s preschool. That way I can let my obsession runs and stays on my diet. At least that’s the plan. 

I had an idea of making one in a shape of hot dogs for my mother in law’s birthday in June, thanks to the idea of hamburger cake balls from Bakerella Burgers and Bees. Let’s hope I can make them…sounds like fun!

Ok before my head explodes with more idea I better get started with my red velvet cake balls for my boss. So until then…! I promise I will post pictures once it’s done…

It so worth it!

The wait is over.. my patience is paid off now. I made 3 of the cake balls in a hurry this morning before I went to work. Gave one for my husband and brought the 2 other pieces to work. Right when I got to work my husband emailed me and said that was delicious. He said it was moist.

I went over to my friend’s room across from my room, and showed it to her my two little precious chocolate covered cake balls topped with pink blink blink (sugar). She had one and she said it’s good. According to her, not sure if she’s just being nice and polite or what, it’s the best thing among all of the stuffs I have made before that she tried. So that put my curiosity sky rocketed and I made a decision to, once again, forget about my diet and had a bite of that last one. It was so good specially with all the suspense and all the thrill about cheating on my diet. Oh boy… I’m telling you now that I have made my own cake balls, I have to agree with the people that said it’s not hard at all. It does take a lot of patience though. But hey it’s worth every second of the waiting period.

To get such a cute little dessert that taste so good as these little cake balls? And to think how easy it is to make it? Yes it’s so worth it.

Let’s take a step back on our journey before we put these cute balls in our mouth and do our ooh ahh. It’s all started with a simple cake box mix which all you have to do it add 3 eggs, oil or butter and water. Bake them, cool it down then open a can of frosting. Think about the fun of mashing the cake and mix in the frosting eventhough it’s hard to see the cake you bake crumbling apart, well at least part of me was crying a little bit. Followed by the next step of rolling those mixture into a little balls, let them sit in the fridge overnight or if Mr. Impatience decided to visit you and won’t wait for overnight, you can always speed it up a little by put them in the freezer for 15 minutes. The next easy step is melting your coating, lots of them using almond bark, I only have chocolate chip in the pantry so that’s what I used. Thanks to technology you can pop them in the microwave for 30 second to melt. Mix them with couple tablespoons of butter to get the shiny result. Once those melted, you can start the fun part rolling those firm cake balls into the chocolate. Now to avoid the mess that some of you experience in this step, I roll the balls into the chocolate with a help of a metal teaspoon, then I picked them up with a toothpick and kind of twisting them onto the baking sheet lined with wax paper until the ball dropped on the paper. Then immediately sprinkle your toppings. If you are going to use colored melted white chocolate wait until the first coat a little firm. Let them sit until it’s firm. This process took only 15 minutes for me for those 42 balls. You do want to do it fast before the melted chocolate become hard on your bowl.

One last step after that is to sit down and stare at those little balls lining up on the baking pan with a big smile on your face . I am staying away from the kitchen and blabbing here so that I won’t be tempted to grab at least one of them.
I know someone that loves red velvet cake and he will have a surgery on Monday. I am thinking, if I can, to make a batch of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting of the cake balls. This is what in my head, hope you can visualize the image in my head, that red cake velvet balls covered with white chocolate coating and drizzle with the red colored white chocolate. And for easter, maybe for the kids at my son’s class we can make them in the shape of an egg and decorate them? I know right..too many ideas. These days, food is no longer something you put in your mouth, make your belly happy and you are done. Nope, it’s more of an art these days. A yummy art..priceless!

Patience is a virtue

In this case, my patience could be a yummy treat for ones I love .

Ok as I mentioned on my earlier blabber session, that I have done quiet a bit of research of these little balls call cake balls. Some of the people that had made them said it’s easy, some said the other way. 
From what I gather of those experiences they generously shared with us number one is not to bother making your own special “grandma’s recipe” cake. And don’t forget to only use the soft part of the cake, which I kind of forgot on this batch. It’s ok, I was telling myself in the kitchen. It’s gonna be ok . After all it’s a CAKE and FROSTING! again..what can go wrong with that combination?.

My cake was done and cool.

Then I, with a broken heart, crumbled my cake with 2 forks. Seriously .. we always want our cake to be nice and perfect right? Mashing a cake? oh well oh well the sacrifices must be made to have this perfect little treat. So here we go..

Make sure there’s no big chunk of the cake. Note to myself next time if using light color cake, only use the middle part of the cake so the color will be plain white or yellow.
Now the fun part. The part where all kids love… ICING FROSTING SUGARRRRRRR!

Using french vanilla frosting as recommended by others, 3/4 can is good enough.

Let’s the mixing begin. Use a metal spoon, mix in the frosting into the crumbly cake.

Next step is shaping them up. Using my ice cream scooper the little one in order to form a pretty uniform balls. Scoop them and roll them up into a cute little balls. Line them up nicely on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

Ready? I am thinking now..should I put them in the freezer for 15 minutes then start the process of coating? Or should I tested my patience and let them sit in the fridge overnight before coating and decorating them? 

I decided since it’s 10 pm, I better hit the bed and let them rest in the fridge until tomorrow. Here I am not coating my cake balls, not on my bed, instead I am here typing on my blabber room. I only have so much patience don’t I? Well until tomorrow then mate!

Good night!

Cake Balls

I have been fighting this little image on my head for the sake of my diet that just started last week. Yeah finally gave in to the good conscious. However this sweet little chocolate ball images with pastel color drizzle keep floating around me. Tempted? YES.

It started few weeks back when I bought this book about cupcake with fondant decorating. I made some and spent almost $300 in 1 day at 2 stores..yeah..not so proud of myself that day. Even now.. Anyway after I made these cupcakes and we were talking about cakes at work. 


My co-worker mentioned about Cake Balls. I made that once but never made it again. She said a friend of hers made THE BEST cake balls and she will bring one for me. So she did and it was really moist. Pretty good one. And so ever since then I have this obsession to tackle this one challenge.

So the hunt for good cake ball recipes began. As usual before I tackle a challenge I would do some research about the subject first. It’s hard to decide which one is the good one or should I say the best recipe or review. All are good. As usual .. again.. I ended up making my own version. After all  it is a cake right? What could go wrong with that? 

In the mission of building up my confidence to make the cake ball I said to myself: “Well the reviews and recipes are all started with CAKE BOX MIX and a can of FROSTING then melt the chocolate for the cover.. how could one mess that up??” Right? 

The debates still on inside my head. But the cake is ready and cooling off. I only have yellow cake mix in the pantry today so I am using what I have. Then for the frosting we have options here. I have the french vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. It’s obvious the French is the winner this time ๐Ÿ™‚. We shall see won’t we.

Off for now. I will continue when my cake is really cooling off and then the fun of making cake ball shall begin. Until then, let’s put on our thinking cap on what should we do with the cover up and the make up..I mean the coating and the pretty drizzle to garnish the cake ball. Can’t wait to start but I know this time I have to be patient. Not easy for me ๐Ÿ™‚.

Ta ta for now = TTFN.