Finished? Unfinished?

Ok I probably regret it tomorrow but I keep looking at my piles of leaves and felt that something is missing so I add few more detail to it. I am going to hit the bed now. Hoping I won’t regret it when I wake up tomorrow :D.  

Piles of leaves finished

Finally today I dragged my husband and son to stop by at Michael’s to get my paints. We had quick dinner since my son said he is starving :). Well he’s hungry every 5 second :P. Even after finishing his 6 pieces chicken nuggets plus a bowl of fruits and had some of my chicken…

Piles of leaves in process

Piles of leaves in process

Working on these piles tonight while the Rangers game was on. They lost to Tampa Bay and I am lost to these piles!!!! Finding out that I am out of Yellow and Brown. Yeah that means I can’t finish these piles of leaves tonight.