My hump day


It’s a hump day!

I did not know what it means the first time I moved here. Well now I do and it’s something I am looking forward to. Getting closer to Friday..yeeyyy always to that. It runs pretty smooth today, not much drama at work, my boys are happy and healthy. Little one was so excited going to the camp today, they are going to Legoland and Sealife. He told us all about those sea creatures he saw when we picked him up today. But he said he had a bad day ever. His banana got squeezed in the lunch bag and it made his water bottle dirty so that he could not drink and thought that he was dying of thirst. Lord have mercy..

I had a good lunch with my coworker and his daughter. She has the cutest baby boy. 7 months old with blue eyes oh so cute. We went to this little place called Prego, Italian Express. I think it’s a cute little place, clean, modern looking. I had the very basic dish, Spaghetti with meat sauce, because I think an Italian restaurant has to be able to pull a good basic bolognese sauce. That’s usually what I do when I go to a new place. I’d try the basic one then try other things if that one turns out good. My coworker’s daughter had salad. I think it did not look good. Looks wilted and not appealing. She agrees to that. My pasta was al dente just the way I like it. And the sauce was pretty good actually, they are pretty generous with the portion and the amount of sauce. The rolls were not good though. Will I come back? Probably yes, I’d give it a second time to try the Alfredo probably. And maybe the 3rd times to try their pizza.

The heat today is almost unbearable…I think that’s one of the reason so many accident happening. On my way to work there are 2 on the same road, back to back. Then right when I got to work, my coworker said there’s another wreck in front of our office. Then when we went to lunch there’s at least 2 on the road, plus my friend’s car almost got hit 2 times on the way to lunch and going back to work. And yesterday a black car almost hit our car as we, me and my husband, on the way to pick up my son. That car signal to the right from left lane, we were on the right lane. So he moved to the middle lane then go on the middle lane along with us..all of the sudden right when we were about to get ready to turn right to the road going to the school..that car just moved to the right lane without even signaling. I think he’s about to turn right with us but changed his mind since hubby honked. He was about to ran us out of the road and will definitely hit our front left side if my husband did not pulled to the right and honked. He then speed up and went straight. Is it the heat that makes people going crazy? Or should we banned cellphone while driving?? I think we have to realize when you are driving out there, you have to take consideration of other’s safety.One of my friend mentioned before that perhaps after 5 or 10 years people should take driving test again as they renew the license. Does not sound like a bad idea, what do you think? Or maybe all of us should drive a “not too fast” car :). Like a golf cart or Flintstones car.

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.

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