Girls get together

I am still tired from the weekend trip. Decided to take an extra day off today since we came in really late last night and I just didn’t have the heart to wake my babies up so early this morning. Though I ended up working from home *sigh*.

We went to Katy, TX to visit with my friends. It had been years, 4-5 years, since our last get together. As usual every gathering are filled with food and chit chat and laughs. The foods are friends made Indonesian dishes. So many of them that we as usual ended up with left overs. Not to mentioned continuously eating and snacking the dishes the whole time we are together. Could be from breakfast, lunch dinner supper and breakfast again and the in between munching. 

My son asked me when I showed him picture from the gathering why we talked so fast and laughed a lot. He then asked me to talk fast in Indonesian. Cracked him up. He wonders if we, Indonesian, all talk fast. I explained it to him that was probably because we were all so excited to see each other again after all those years. Yes we keep in touch through facebook, phone or email or skype. But that’s just not the same with when you actually physically meet and talk in person. He smiled and left.

Houston! I love you because you have so many Indonesian Restaurant. I don’t fond of you for the traffic, not that there’s traffic jam or anything but by golly the drivers scared me to death. I felt like my nail got so deep into my seat. I was so nervous. The lines on the road does not mean anything to those drivers. They cut right in front of you so close that I can see their facebook page on their phone. 

No no I think I rather slaves myself in the kitchen to make my Indonesian dishes than drives among those drivers.

It’s fun it’s tiring. Next time I think I will fly. It’s always good to be home. 

Finally got my Foodie Pen Pal match up. So excited. Hope I can find good stuffs for my pal!.

Now it’s time to do laundry. 

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