School starts

School started yesterday, my son was so excited that he could not even tell us what he ate at lunch from the cafeteria.  He seems to like the teacher and his new learning adventure. However let’s not speak too soon, they have not really start doing anything. Not until September according to the teacher.

We had parent orientation today and boy the expectation for 1st grade is pretty high. For reading they start with level 4 to begin with and by end of school year, they have to be at level 18. Pretty high jump there.

School go green! She won’t be sending homework home physically but will send us to a link online where we can do our homework online. Yepp online! Surely hope my son will remember how to writes.

Interesting to see how technology these days being implemented on almost everything in our daily life. Though honestly homework online is not something I’d imagine they would do to 1st grader.

Since he is in dual language program he will be alternately going to English and Spanish class every 2 days. I need to catch up with my Spanish lesson. I have not touch my Spanish learning software I bought for couple weeks now.  Keep telling myself that I have to do it but painting and busy with getting my son ready for school seems taking over my times. We shall see!

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