Red Velvet Cake – no cream cheese

Ok don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting. However, since my mother in law introduced me with a different frosting for red velvet years back, we (me and husband) prefer this frosting. Old fashioned vanilla buttercream frosting is what we call it.

It’s not as sweet as regular frosting, though my frosting for my cakes are not as sweet as the bakery’s frosting, it’s fluffy it’s just perfect.

It started with whisking a cup of milk with four tablespoons of flour and keep whisking while you cook them. The result is a creamy and rather thick mixture. Once you achieved that, set them aside. Let them cool down so they won’t fight with the cup of butter and a cup of powdered sugar that you creamed in a mixer with a dash of vanilla. Once they cooled, pour them into the fluffy butter and sugar you have mixed then beat them again until it’s fluffy. It’s sooooooooo fluffy I am so happy.

Use them to frost your red velvet cake. I tried to use them on one of my carrot cake cupcake. It does not work for this. It works fine with Red velvet cake or cupcakes though. I am searching for a different frosting for carrot cake other than cream cheese frosting. I like cake as it is without frosting and have no problem eating my carrot cake without it. But for others that like it with frosting and do not want cream cheese… never been asked before but who knows…I need to explore other frosting for this one. Was thinking about browned butter frosting or maple buttercream..we’ll see. Let me know if you have something in mind that you think would work for this purposes.

Anyway here is the red velvet cupcakes with old fashioned vanilla buttercream.

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  1. Imperio says:

    What’s your recipe? This looks yummy!


    1. Carolinna says:

      the recipe is on the blog Impy.


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