Happy cake eater

Well this week is going to rain a whole week…not that I don’t like it but it’s a pain driving in the rain with all those crazy drivers that do not care about others on the road.

Phew. .anyway..last week was my mother in law’s birthday. So my hubby came up with the idea of making a Texas Rangers cap cake. So I did. It was fun to make.

I started with a ball cake pan, cover the cake with frosting then fondant. Make the bill of the cap, let it sit on an actual cap bill I covered with plastic wrap. Then once it’s harden, I attached the bill to the cap and let my airbrush do the magic.

I like using airbrush instead of building the color into my fondant. I find it easier to get the color I want to achieve. And you don’t eat colored fondant…i don’t know..probably just me.





She was so happy…

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