Meatloaf in pressure cooker

If you know me, I am a rebel in the kitchen. I don’t follow recipe. Most if the time I just dump as i go when i cook. This one 1 pack ground beef i think a little over 1 lbs, 2 eggs, salt 2 teaspoons, pepper 1 teaspoon, sugar 1 teaspoons,  onion powder 1 tablespoon, nutmeg i grated  1/2, 1/4 cup dry red wine, 2 tablespoons ketchup, 1/2 cup breadcrumb. I mix them all in the bowl using my kitchen aid mixer until mix well. Then i put them on double foil, i made into a bowl to fit in the trivet. Put some ketchup and bbq sauce on top and sprinkle with brown sugar. I think next time i will get mini loaf alum foil pan. That’s  it. 20 minutes in ip with trivet and 2 cups water.

The reason behind the red wine was that I ran out of worchesthire sauce and needs some sort of liquid to bind them and for the moisture.

I did the meatloaf in pressure cooker for 20 minutes. Then take them into the oven to keep it warm while I am then using my pressure cooker to steamed my potato 10 minutes, then carrots 6 minutes and green beans 5 minutes. All perfectly cooked.

I feel that I need another Instant Pot. If I do then all will be done at the same time without having to use my oven to keep the meatloaf warm. But I am going to be patient, I heard they are coming with the 10 quartz version. Well. … we’ll see my friend..we’ll see.

This meatloaf turned out really good,  very tasty and moist. Don’t really need sauce as it’s so juicy.

My 9 years old said he can eat this everyday. And so does my hubby. They both said it’s really good. And for me to put this in the menu for my dream restaurant.




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