Easy Saturday with Instant Pot in mind.

Can’t wait…Been spreading the love of a very good product and hopefully soon will be able to officially do more good for the product I believe in. The wait is killing me….

In the mean time…look at this yummy creamy homemade yogurt. I was so hungry  and forgot to take the picture before I mixed them. Yogurt,  a dash vanilla, Agave, granola,  dried boobewwy and cwanbewwy and 1 teaspoon mini chocolate chips. Look how creamy it is….

Will you hate me if I tell you it is homemade vanilla?  Lol….wait for the step by step to make that in Instant Pot. Save time and money. Reduced from months to 2 weeks. You will have a year supply of good vanilla essence. Or gift it as a gift for friends and family.

So many goods coming from having InstanPot in my life. In our life. Not only we reduced the used of processed food, less stress thinking or planning a whole week or month menu. I can’t stick to a planned menu, my style more of improvised cooking style lol. Easy peasy no stress. If I see a long list of ingredients and how to do it, I will shorten the process to make my brain easily read it and not hurt my head thinking or figuring the recipe out.

With InstantPot, I can just whipped dinner in a flash, using fresh ingredients right when I got home from work and still able to have dinner ready on the table before 7 pm.

My family favorites are, meatloaf, mac and cheese, spaghetti, soup soup soup,  zuppa de toscana being the top list, ribs, ox tail soup, chicken porridge, chinese braised pork feet, beef bourguinon,chicken salsa verde with cilantro lime rice, chicken cacciatore, and the list goes on and on and on. And those are dinner ya’ll…besides yogurt and soft and hard-boiled eggs, cheesecakes…yummm

On my son’s request I will try my best to post the recipe for all the stuffs I cook. I will try to be better in measuring and take note of the measurement for that purposes. My sister-in-law had been throwing the idea of taking video as I cook my food and share. I will keep this in mind while searching for a tripod so that I can cook and tape the process. That could be my new year resolution. Finger crossed. I will try my best.
Hope you all have and good rest of the week off. My boys are up, coffee is brewing, my son is working on his book project without having me to remind him. I am blessed to have this boy, which without him, I probably failed as a mom. I don’t remember his homework or book projects or exams. He does. And always an honor roll straight A’s student. Was acknowledged by the mayor where we live for showing the good behaviour, the Wylie Way. I am just a proud mom, a blessed proud mom who learned  and still learning so much from my growing boy. We definitely learn from each other.

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