The kitchen never sleeps

That’s what some of my friends said. My kitchen never sleeps. Well I work from home. My “office” is few steps away from my kitchen. I love cooking, baking anything kitchen activities. Well not into cookies much though. I like easy process. Fast and simple. If I found a recipe that takes a long time, I would research a way to simplify the process. Yeah I am that lazy.

That’s why I love kitchen gadget that works and help to speed up the process in putting stuffs on my table for me and my boys.

Example, mochi. I had read about this mochi for quite some times. I haven’t try it because it seems complicated heehee. Mixing, steaming, etc etc. Until I found online that was done in microwave. So simple.

3 parts glutinous rice flour : 3 parts liquid : 1 part sugar. Mix in a bowl until smooth, then pour into lightly oiled pyrex dish, covered with plastic wrap and microwave until solid or kinda translucent. Do it in 2 minutes interval. When it’s done, you can cut it up and toss in tapioca flour or filled in with peanuts, or red bean, black bean then roll into tapioca flour.

The liquid can be fruit juice, water, coconut milk etc. You can play around with what you like.

I was intrigued by the idea of using silicone mold and decided to took a 10 minutes break and went ahead making the coffee flavor mochi.

Here are my experiment. I am not using coconut milk to try the method. Don’t want to open a whole can and only use a little. So water it is and second time I tried coffee for the liquid.

Filled with ground peanuts mix with sugar.
Cut up with silicone spatula and toss in mixture of ground peanuts and sugar
The filling
My friend said it’s a hoax if I don’t have a picture of me eating the food I said I made lol.
Coffee mochi
Afternoon snack with coffee
The silicone mold I used today. My egg bites mold.

The one is the silicone mold only took 2 minutes in the microwave.

Now when I am in the mood for mochi, I make it easily and do any flavor I want. Think about those fruit juices, chocolate, Filled with fruit, nutella yummm. Can’t wait for my next mochi crave.

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