Bihun goreng – Fried rice noodle

Simple dinner tonight. Monkey see monkey do edition. Daily food and cooking discussion with my group of ladies 😊. One made this bihun goreng yesterday and the impact was another one made the dish this afternoon. Oh guess what? This monkey err I mean little piggy went to the market..not market, more like pantry..grabbed the rice noodle and thinking..
Ok I have this, I have Chinese sausage, chicken tenderloins, some greens, scallions, garlic…perfect, dinner is solved. So here is my take on bihun goreng.

I personally like the broken soft that it fall apart. But the right way is where the noodle is still a little firm, not hard, not too soft or overcooked. So, soaking in warm water just enough to softened them and rinse with cold water to stop the cooking process of the noodle is the way to achieve this. Can’t be more simpler…this easily feed 6 people. Or 3 with big appetite. If you order it from local Chinese restaurant, they tend to make it the Singaporean way..using curry powder. Not the way I grew up with. That’s why for this dish, I prefer to make it myself.

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Bihun goreng
Bihun goreng
Cook all in high heat
Once you put the rice noodle, turn off the heat. Add all seasoning and stir until all mix throrougly.
All rice noodle coated evenly.
And served.

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