Pumpkin Rules

Pumpkins in the air

I am not a fan of pumpkin before I tried a pumpkin roll cake with cream cheese that my co-worker made for Thanksgiving last year at work. It was soft, moist and the creaminess of the cream cheese was oh so good. She is a baker, a good baker while me..not so much. So here I am with Halloween just passed and Thanksgiving around the corner, the weather dropping, and I found myself brought home half a dozen cans of pumpkin puree from the store.

I did made the pumpkin rolls with cream cheese last year for Christmas. It was worth the trouble. There’s also a pumpkin bread that to my surprised my son could not stay away from it. I had the loaf of pumpkin bread on top of my stove one night, trying to let it cool a little bit before I slice them, only to found that he had dug some of it since he could not wait until it’s cool and mommy sliced them. That’s how good it was! 

Pumpkin is in the air again for the second time in our house. After those half dozen cans of pumpkin puree I brought home, I have made pumpkin whoopies or moon pies. Did not know that lots of people are not familiar with whoopies. Moon pies are more popular. I read in one of the site that it was all started with the Amish, when the kids find moon pies in their lunch box they will get happy and scream : Whoopie!  and so there was how it then has a nick name of whoopies. Mine did not turn out perfect, shape wise, it’s not flat like I want it to be. It does taste great though..that’s what matter right? 

I sent my husband to work with a tupperware full of these pumpkin whoopies, he said they were gone in 20 second. His co-worker emailed and thank me to those goodies and some of them ask for the recipes.

Then there’s a pumpkin kisses cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. A very light and moist pumpkin cupcakes filled with kisses (Hershey kisses)  topped with  Cream Cheese frosting. One of his co-worker who does not like pumpkin, loves them. Did not make some for my co-workers, so I made more the next day for them. 

Love baking these goodies as the whole house smells so good. Each recipe uses about half cans of the pumpkin puree, left me with less than a half pumpkin puree. Hates to waste good stuffs, I was already laid on my bed with my son and decided to got up and search for stuffs in the fridge and pantry. All set, got all I needed to make bread pudding, which I add my leftovers pumpkin puree. I grabbed my leftovers home made whole wheat raisins bread and hawaiian rolls, cut them up and drizzled with melted butter. While I was whisking the egg, milk and sugar, and the good ol pumpkin puree and of course vanilla and pumpkin spices, my son got busy with the raisins and he came up with this idea of using hershey kisses, his treasures from trick or treater. The bread turned out really good, the color is so pumpkinish..orangish. My boss’ wife had to stopped by in my office to tell me how good it was, so did my husband’s co-workers. Even my 4 years old loves them. Such a wonderful pumpkin goodies!

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