Siu Yuk a.k.a Babi panggang garing a.k.a Chinese Style Roasted Pork

I have been thinking about making this Chinese style Barbecue Pork a.k.a Siu Yuk or Babi panggang garing. Some of you probably say why not buy it at the store. Yes I know I could go to the Chinese barbecue place around here and grab one ready. It’s not that easy, I have gone 2 times at a different place and different times and they were all sold out. They do have the Char Siu or the Sweet barbecue pork but not the crispy ones.

So I decided after researching on the Internet for the one that I think the best recipe, I went ahead and try it.
It’s not as hard as I thought it would be.

First you have to clean the pork belly skin by scraping it with the sharp part of you knife. rinse with water. Then Put it down on your kitchen sink on a rack, skin side up and pour in boiling water. The side of the pork will turn white.
 This is after blanching the pork skin with boiling water. 
Then poking the skin,   It’s kinda fun doing this part. After done with poking them you have to flip it resting on its skin then slicing the meat part 1/4″ deep and you can do 1/2″ wide or 1″ , I did around 1/2″ wide.

Mix the marinade in a little bowl: five spices, garlic chopped but I think next time I will grated the garlic, salt, pepper, Chinese rice cooking wine. Pour it on the meat part and rub it in but not the skin area. 

Then flip it down on a plate (skin side up) and wrap with plastic wrap. Let it sit in the fridge for overnight. The next day take it out and let it sit in room temperature for 20-30 minutes prior to roasting. Here is how to roast them, First glaze some vinegar on the skin, sprinkle a little sea salt on it, then put the meat on a rack with boiling water underneath, skin side down on a preheated 400 degree oven. Roast for 25 minutes then take them out, flip it, skin side up now, poke the skin again, then back in the oven, roast for another 30 minutes. If you see the skin is still soft and not cracking, use the broiler to boost it up.

The cracking sound when I sliced them’s worth the wait. It’s perfect not too salty, crunchy skins, not too much fat. Simply perfection. Then I decided to boil few pieces of dark meat chicken, egg in soy sauce, and won got that right noodle with those siu yuk with boiled chicken and egg and won ton..garnish with chopped green onion and of course my spicy home made sambal for me. Taste like home..

I told my sisters about me making Siu Yuk at home.the next thing I know my mom send text message saying that she was amazed that her daughter can make Siu Yuk, something that she never make. Well back home we never run out of Siu Yuk, you can buy them anytime and never sold out. Why bother making them..well after this time I think I can say do make it at home. It taste much better!

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