Roller Coaster Diet

It has been a roller coaster experience when it comes to dieting. Not easy to do any kind of diet when my mind is full of ideas of what to cook. I know that I have to lose weight. I have been trying, not that I do not try at all, but I do not have the strong will power like my husband does. Yes he’s a man and as you know they lose weight faster than women and he does have strong will power. We are on the same diet and I even started first. Within less than 2 months he had lost 34 lbs while me in almost 4 months was rewarded with 19 lbs. Yeah that’s how fair diet life is. 

I know I cheated. Here I am dwelling on the unfairness of the dieting reality. Reading on my friend’s blog that she started, kind of fire me up tonight. I really have to stick to my diet and lose at least 50 lbs. Though this blog called Tastilicious, I can stir it around to make a tastilicious food that goes with my diet. And as a journal of my weight loss also. That’s probably what I am going to do from now. 

I am telling you now that’s what I want to do even though this image of mango cupcake I am thinking to create and make is floating in my mind as I type. We shall see who’s the boss. My will power of the mango cupcake!

If I keep typing, I bet the will power will win but if I stop… I am not sure who will win. It’s not easy isn’t it? You really have to want it badly. And I do! I think I do..I dooooooooooooooooooo!

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