Cake Balls

I have been fighting this little image on my head for the sake of my diet that just started last week. Yeah finally gave in to the good conscious. However this sweet little chocolate ball images with pastel color drizzle keep floating around me. Tempted? YES.

It started few weeks back when I bought this book about cupcake with fondant decorating. I made some and spent almost $300 in 1 day at 2 stores..yeah..not so proud of myself that day. Even now.. Anyway after I made these cupcakes and we were talking about cakes at work. 


My co-worker mentioned about Cake Balls. I made that once but never made it again. She said a friend of hers made THE BEST cake balls and she will bring one for me. So she did and it was really moist. Pretty good one. And so ever since then I have this obsession to tackle this one challenge.

So the hunt for good cake ball recipes began. As usual before I tackle a challenge I would do some research about the subject first. It’s hard to decide which one is the good one or should I say the best recipe or review. All are good. As usual .. again.. I ended up making my own version. After all  it is a cake right? What could go wrong with that? 

In the mission of building up my confidence to make the cake ball I said to myself: “Well the reviews and recipes are all started with CAKE BOX MIX and a can of FROSTING then melt the chocolate for the cover.. how could one mess that up??” Right? 

The debates still on inside my head. But the cake is ready and cooling off. I only have yellow cake mix in the pantry today so I am using what I have. Then for the frosting we have options here. I have the french vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. It’s obvious the French is the winner this time 🙂. We shall see won’t we.

Off for now. I will continue when my cake is really cooling off and then the fun of making cake ball shall begin. Until then, let’s put on our thinking cap on what should we do with the cover up and the make up..I mean the coating and the pretty drizzle to garnish the cake ball. Can’t wait to start but I know this time I have to be patient. Not easy for me 🙂.

Ta ta for now = TTFN.

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