Patience is a virtue

In this case, my patience could be a yummy treat for ones I love .

Ok as I mentioned on my earlier blabber session, that I have done quiet a bit of research of these little balls call cake balls. Some of the people that had made them said it’s easy, some said the other way. 
From what I gather of those experiences they generously shared with us number one is not to bother making your own special “grandma’s recipe” cake. And don’t forget to only use the soft part of the cake, which I kind of forgot on this batch. It’s ok, I was telling myself in the kitchen. It’s gonna be ok . After all it’s a CAKE and FROSTING! again..what can go wrong with that combination?.

My cake was done and cool.

Then I, with a broken heart, crumbled my cake with 2 forks. Seriously .. we always want our cake to be nice and perfect right? Mashing a cake? oh well oh well the sacrifices must be made to have this perfect little treat. So here we go..

Make sure there’s no big chunk of the cake. Note to myself next time if using light color cake, only use the middle part of the cake so the color will be plain white or yellow.
Now the fun part. The part where all kids love… ICING FROSTING SUGARRRRRRR!

Using french vanilla frosting as recommended by others, 3/4 can is good enough.

Let’s the mixing begin. Use a metal spoon, mix in the frosting into the crumbly cake.

Next step is shaping them up. Using my ice cream scooper the little one in order to form a pretty uniform balls. Scoop them and roll them up into a cute little balls. Line them up nicely on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

Ready? I am thinking now..should I put them in the freezer for 15 minutes then start the process of coating? Or should I tested my patience and let them sit in the fridge overnight before coating and decorating them? 

I decided since it’s 10 pm, I better hit the bed and let them rest in the fridge until tomorrow. Here I am not coating my cake balls, not on my bed, instead I am here typing on my blabber room. I only have so much patience don’t I? Well until tomorrow then mate!

Good night!

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