Finally done!!!

Yeyyyyyy….finally I finished ..I think…my baby. Check it out: Drizzle Dippin. After lots of trial and error, lots of discussion with “the expert” so to speak. I finally made a page to share my creations. Knowing how I am, I think you will see changes here and there in the long run but hey to be able to say : “It’s done”, it means alot.
Specially if you do it  yourself 🙂 .

Thank you to Leighann who remind me about it today. Without her support I probably will still dragging my feet on finishing this project.

Not gonna blabber for a long time today. Gotta go back to the kitchen and prepare lunch for my baby. Roast beef that I cooked since this morning in the oven with low temperature and a longgggggggggggggg time. And an extra pork roast from a friend of mine. I know right…2 meal? well kind of…hoping I won’t have to cook tonight. 

I still need to get my head together to create a birthday cake for wednesday..trying Jazz theme or I could go back to Golf theme as he loves both. But I think the Jazz theme is more challenging to me. We shall see later on if I feel up to the challenge or rather play it safe 🙂.

Blabber with you later!

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