We gotta start somewhere!

Hi y’all as Paula Deen says…The butter queen. I adore her. She is awesome I don’t know why but I have been thinking about Paula, her recipes, her story, her restaurant, her hard work to get to this point. She is amazing, at least from what I read. 

Anyway, it’s gotta start somewhere..and I have always been wanting to start something, some sort of business in the food area. So finally I challenged myself on building a simple website and store. We (me and my husband) came up with the name Drizzle Dippin as what started the whole encouragement to start the whole thing was cake balls. I was into cake balls for the past couple months and as you all know with cake balls, we dip them and drizzles them with chocolate. So there thank you cake balls I am now tackling my other fear of cooking. Yes cake decorating. Not quite sure why decorating a whole big cake was just frightening for me. I don’t mind cupcake probably due to the size that is so small that you don’t really have to think about a whole nine yard theme and stick with it. 

Cake are different. The whole decoration has to be in one theme. Have to stick with the theme from top to bottom. That is just my opinion. I decided to take a basic decorating class after my husband convince me to take them. He said if I need to take a class to convince myself that I can do it, then go for it. He really supports me with this cooking thingy 🙂. So I did and this week is my 3rd session out of the 4 sessions of basic cake decorating class at Wilton. I am going to the next one for gum paste and then fondant. Though I have been making or should I say baking for friends and family. My, again, co-worker and my son’s classmates and teacher, not to mentioned my families had been getting my creations. It’s still not perfect in my opinion as I am a perfectionist. Even my instructor at Wilton said so after being in his class for 3 times 🙂 . Well can’t help it. 

So here is the website that I am blubbering about tonight, Drizzle Dippin. Still needs lots of work but … hey we gotta start somewhere right? 

Wish me luck!

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