Steamed sponge cake aka Bolu Kukus

Steamed sponge cake or should I say cupcake since it’s made in a little cup? Known as Bolu Kukus. It’s an Indonesian cake that is very famous, not only because it’s pretty looking, taste so good, kinda sorta healthy, and some people are “cursed” for having no success in making these cake smile. 

Healthy? My son asked. Well, perhaps a little better if you compare it to Lapis legit or layer cake that use 30 yolks in their ingredients and lots of butter. These Bolu Kukus is steamed, no butter, no oil. It is using Sprite to plumped it up :). Some said the cake is laughing or happy when it’s successfully beautifully made. It looks like a flower actually, blooming. While the one that claimed that they get the “Bolu Kukus Cursed”, the cake is not blooming. It does not really failed, the cake mostly are soft but the top just not cracking / bloom like it supposed to be.
I remember my mom, whenever she make this cake, most of them will not bloom. And using the same recipe one of us, me or my siblings, would get a better result. Even with the same recipe. So I had been reluctant to make any attempt to make it here. For several reasons, the cursed and I will probably be the only one enjoying the cake as my husband and son are not too crazy about traditional Indonesian steamed dessert. 
However since I am craving for it these days, I gather all my strength, I even took my brave pill prior to made my first attempt. Searched for the recipe online and found one from here Bolu Kukus, seems easy and so I tried it. 
As I started beating the eggs and sugar, I realized I don’t have Sprite in my fridge. I do have diet root beer. I thought oh well it’s soda anyway let’s just use it. Waited patiently while it was in the steamer because I remember one of the tip mentioned as I search for the recipe was not to open the steamer until at least 20 minutes. 
Ok 20 minutes done I open the lid with excitement only to found these:
Cursed Steamed Sponge Cake
Whoaaaaa I am cursed! Bolu Kukus cursed! It tasted good, soft but it just did not bloom. Well that was last week. Today I searched again for a different recipe and did the same ritual, took my brave pill and all. And I read the step by step posted by Lisa Basuki on her blog. I even use the recipe she posted there. I decided to use the one without the emulsifier. After all the cups are filled up and sit nicely in the steamer, I still have a cup of chocolate batter left. Hummm I can’t open the steamer I grabbed a Pyrex bowl, greased it and pour the batter in. I popped it in the microwave for 5 minutes and got my tasting test .
Microwaved Chocolate Cake

Taste good, not as sweet as the first attempt recipe. It is soft, so I really can’t wait for the one still in the steamer. Finger crossed!. Tick tock tick tock…30 minutes feels sooooooooooooo soooooooooooo long.

Ding ding ding .. finally it’s done..please smile please smile…I took off the lid and I saw these:
They are smiling!
No more Bolu Kukus Cursed.
Yeehaaa…I am so happy. Maybe I have to put them in a safety box lol. Or framed it. So glad I came across the post by Lisa. I can’t wait to bite those sponge cake. I know it’s not as pretty as Lisa’s Bolu Kukus yet. Hers are awesomely bloom. But works and practice makes perfect so I will definitely try to make more Bolu Kukus. It is not frightening anymore. Not so much :). My son is actually gobbling down the one I made in the microwave as I am typing this. He just had his 3rd piece he said. I can’t wait to tell my mom about my cake. 
Oh if you want to see the good image of bolu kukus you can check the link below. She is using a different recipe. I love the color that she used on hers Bolu kukus. Maybe next time I will try it.
Uccy’s Bolu Kukus

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