Allergy, Good Steak and Energy

I have been having a bad allergy problem like so many of other Texan these days. And today is the worse. Started with a little streak of redness on my, as usual, right eyes. My dear husband bought me the eye drops. Put it on, 5 minutes later instead of getting better it’s swelling. That was right after dinner. And still is dislike this season. Winter please come soon! I miss you so much.

Despite my swollen eyes, we had a very good dinner at Texas Road House tonight. We both had rib eye steak and it was delicious, cooked perfectly with pink center, tender juicy and tasty. The Saute mushroom was so good. I ended up sharing those mushroom with my husband and son. My son loves mushrooms. Not to mention the rolls with the cinnamon butter..warm soft rolls with the cinnamon butter melted inside..oh my my mouth is watering again thinking about that. My husband gave compliment about the steak to the server, saying it is so good, almost as good as my wife’s homemade steak. oh so sweet..:) Well just for that I think he deserves another round of steak at home soon.

Well even though the Rangers lost tonight we had a great day. I am so exciting about the new businesses that I started last week and this week. It’s promising, I know it will take some times before it actually kicks in. But I have my dreams and if I don’t do anything about it, my dreams will stays a dream. If you are wondering what my businesses are, you can click on the link I have on the top of my blog. I don’t like just selling stuffs. I like to share information that could benefit to other peoples. That’s one of the reason I decided to do this. And I am happy doing what I am doing.

Overall this week had been pretty good for me. I will have to watch my son’s play next week, then have to make Indonesian chicken satay for my husband office luncheon, farewell party for one of his co-worker, plus a cake of course. I have been pretty selective on the cake order the past couple months as I am struggling with Diabetes type 2.

We have been doing green smoothie for almost a month. Had them for breakfast and dinner. Eat regular lunch everyday. Cheat? yes I do. Hard to resist some good chocolate cake sometimes. But I am still making progress. Blood sugar pretty stable around 130ish, Blood pressure pretty normal, and I have lost between 10-12 lbs so far,. While of course my husband beat me to it with 16-17 lbs lost, as usual, *sigh*.

Busy week, busy weekend ahead. Going to get the car wash’s about time they finally, I think, finished the road work in front of my community, so hopefully if we wash the car, it won’t get dirty like before. So filthy..poor car..we are taking you to have a bath tomorrow. with a massage at the spa!.

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