Sate sate!

Was not planning to cook anything after I found out that our outdoor grill decided to stop cooperating with me. We got the new propane tank yesterday and planned to throw some chicken and zucchini and squash on the barbie and the grill is not working! B and daddy went to wash the car and got themselves some DQ ice cream while I stayed at home.

They came home and I thought they had their dinner already, but apparently not. Hummmm was not really in the mood to make any dinner after plan A failed us. Oh well the chicken and veggies are waiting in the fridge anyway. Walked to the fridge, grabbed my chicken breast fillet, 1 zucchini and 1 squash, 1 pack roma tomatoes and a pack of fresh tempe I bought from my friend in Arlington. I felt like Rachel Ray for a second with all the stuffs I grabbed from my fridge. dropped them off on the counter and got my chopping board out and start slicing the veggie, tempe and chicken last. I also diced up some chicken breast for my noodle tomorrow and keep them in the ziploc bag and back to the fridge they are.

Marinade the stuffs with olive oil, lemon juice, salt pepper and some weber grill seasoning. And like Emeril says while they are happy, I soaked the skewer to get them ready.

Time for the assembling line. Skewer and thinking about the zig zag pattern of the chicken with the veggies in between. While the tempe are being alternate with roma tomato. Turn the broiler on high and put them all in the oven. I let the door open a little bit to make sure we won’t get all the smokes.

Satay is not complete without peanut butter sauce and of course sweet soy sauce. So while they are getting cozy under the broiler I whipped the peanut butter sauce. Glad I have cooked some brown rice earlier. So all ready within an hour. So here goes our plan B for dinner tonight. No smoothie today. We do this on some weekend. Cheat or splurge whichever you want to call it. Monday – Friday are our smoothie day for breakfast and dinner. Over the weekend we do eat regular sometimes ;).

Chicken sate with veggies and tempe sate / satay

In the making..warm and cozy 🙂

Drizzle with peanut butter sauce and sweet soy sauce

Tempe satay fresh from the oven

Tempe satay with peanut butter and sweet soy sauce
My dinner tonight a little brown rice with the satay and some dipping sauce (peanut butter and sweet soy sauce).

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