Mie ayam – Indonesian chicken noodle

Been slaving šŸ™‚ in the kitchen today. I made the chicken with mushroom, then the ground pork with sweet soy sauce, prepared the green mustard, green onion, cilantro for the topping for my noodles I made yesterday.

the toppings / fixing for the noodle

Then took my shower while I boil the water to cook the noodle and make the chicken broth. After shower, I started making the chili aka sambal for the noodle. Love my magic bullet. I washed some red chili the tiny ones. And popped them in the microwave with some water, this is my shortcut instead of cooking the chili peppers in boiling water. Once it’s done, I did 1 minute 30 seconds, drain the water, add chicken broth, vinegar and salt, then blend them in the magic bullet jar. Set aside. Mean while the water is boiling, so I grabbed my noodle from the freezer and dumped 4 portions into the water. Stir them with my chopstick making sure they are all separated. Couple minutes are the only time we need to cook the noodle. Strained and pour into a prepared bowl with vegetable oil, sesame oil, pepper, soy sauce and fish sauce, or you can use garlic oil also, and a tiny bit of sugar probably 1/8 teaspoons for each portion.Stir the noodle in the dressing. Topped it with the fixing and serves.

Took some to my friends house and hang out a little bit there while my son played with her kiddos. When we got home, I saw the guy I called to clean up our flower bed is working out there on our yard. And the washer is running, meaning my hubby is up. Started to make our lunch noodle. My son keep saying how good it is lol. He’s funny…and sweet. So here is our lunch today. I like home made noodle better than the one I usually get at the asian market. It seems lighter, mine is. And for sure no preservative. Can’t beat that!.

Oh and I saw a blog last week and I could not remember which one was it. Yeah not too smart aren’t I? Why did I not book marked it? not sure argh,… Anyway in that blog it shows how to grow celery, green onion and other stuffs..So I dare myself to try it. So here goes..it works. We are going to move it into a pot with soil soon..woohoo I am so excited!

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