Paint paint paint away..

I was not sure what had happened tho this post, somehow the layout just did not right. Such a mess and when I tried to fix it, I accidentally delete the whole thing. So frustrating!

Anyway, I am in the mood for painting these days. I stop my cake order since it’s way too hot here in Texas. Couple times my cakes melt during transfer, even with a full blown AC. So I think it’s better that I wait until it’s cool enough before I start taking order. 

I remember back in grade school, every Saturday afternoon after school I’d have to go back to school to take the art lesson. Sat on the floor and start drawing using pencil and crayons. Learned new techniques every week. It was so much fun. Art is my favorite subject throughout the school years aside from math…years ago that was.

I have been drawing on my computer, digitally it is, I find it quite challenging drawing with a mouse as a pen. I broke my tablet pen and have not get a new one. You can view my digital art on my Gallery. 

We had our family art night few weeks back and my son painted this fish that he call it “Charlie the fish”. He asked me to put it on Etsy for sale. But he specifically said not to put it on sale like the other people price their arts. Not $8000, not $5000, but $25. I asked him why $25, he said, so that whoever buys his painting will still have money to buy food for their family. That way their kids won’t starve. Isn’t he thoughtful? I love him so much. He’s only 6 but boy he surely has a very mature mind for his age. Please meet “Charlie the Fish”



He is so proud of it 🙂

While me on the other side..could not stop since that day. I keep on painting whenever I have the time. I have 5 on canvas so far. Still learning so your kind opinions and comments are welcome. 

The first painting on canvas panel I did was the “Faces of the Forest”


My second one, my favourite, I called “Thinking”  It’s about a guy that has so many things going on his life and his mind. He’s a very kind person and wise yet fun person to talk with. The colorful background in different colors representing all the stuffs going on around him. His posture is exactly how he is when he is thinking. I want to show that he is a fun person by using the red shoes color.



Then I had a devastating meetings working on the import project at work that inspired me to make this piece I called “Discussion”.



Couple days staring at the blank canvas with no ideas what to put on even though I really want to .. then a friend of mine post a new picture of her on facebook. I was stunned by that image of her. So pretty. Peaceful, it’s just beautiful. The colors of her dress and the expression of her were just amazing. I kept thinking about it since that day I saw it. Finally after my son went to bed, I walked to my working area again and the staring contest with the blank canvas started. And this time I won!. I started  my painting and created this below that I call “Praying Mother”. I emailed her and show her the picture and ask for her permission to put it online. So here it goes…It’s not as pretty as the original picture but I think I did pretty ok. 


My last one I created after having lunch with a friend who were venting about some  girls she knows that are so pretty, have a good carrier, money, healthy, great in so many visible way you can think of, yet they never feel they are. They always think they are not good enough. Could be they feel insecure that they think that they really have to impress people with the way they dress up. You got the idea…It’s not just’s only human.  Here is my painting on that subject.


I have not have any staring competition with the canvas since I finished this one couple days ago. I think it will win the game so I rather not. Though I am …I think I am..almost ready for the next competition soon. Until then..hope you enjoy it.

I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.
Pablo Picasso


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  1. love your paintings, I think you are very talented artist/


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