Scratch here and there

It’s a mix feeling I am having now…glad that my son is completely clear from the rash caused by a virus which made me had to work from home while taking cake of him. And the not wanting to leave home for the Monday at work. We had art night that put me back on my sketch book and on my online scratch pad. He loves coloring but not actually drawing :). My poor little guy, the virus was really gets to him this time. It’s all started with runny nose and dry cough. After few days with that symptoms the cough produced more phlegm and then the fever came on board with the special guest, rash breaking out. And it was terrible..he literally had this red spots looks like measles spots from head to toes. Doctor prescribed antibiotic and nothing else. He was itching so bad and could not sleep. So I decided to give him oatmeal bath to calm the rash and dabbed him with caladryl lotion. That seems helps…I think. After almost a week then it’s finally clear off yesterday.

Thank God he is fine now. The whole time I was home working and taking care of him, I was able to did some drawing and baked some cookies for Tom Grieve at the Rangers game. It was so hot these days and that makes me thinking about the sun…the heat and why we need it. To think that we all need the sun..though I prefer it cold, I do realize that we can’t live without it. 

The others I made are listed in ImageKind Store I usually do mine digitally but my tablet pen is broken and I have not get my new one yet. The drawing for me is another hobby that I do on my spare time. I remember back in high school I usually helps my classmate with their drawing. And my teacher, the one we call Pak Raden because he looks exactly like Pak Raden from the kids show in Indonesia call Unyil. One time I was late submitting my assignment and I went to his office to submitted mine. And he was like..why ? He said I don’t need to add more assignment since he has enough to give me an A for all he had from me. If I give him that one more assignment then he might have to give me better than A and he can’t :P.

I used to scratch some fashion designs and I remember it’s all started out with my mom taking sewing and design class and I tried to draw some and she laughed at mine.. So I was determined to keep learning by myself and I did. I finally did it and she was not laughed at it. She actually said it was pretty good. Then I begins to compile all of my was not as thick ad the bible yet but it was about 1″ thick a book of my fashion designs. One day, I can’t remember who, it was borrowed and I never see it anymore. All gone. And as you know I stopped.

Nowadays I pour my passion in creating something pretty in the more tasty media. I do it on my cake. For some people cake is just a cake, though these days it’s more than just a cake. It’s another form of art. I really want to send a baseball themed cake to Tom Grieve but with the heat in Texas, I rather not. So I made nastar instead and french macarons. My husband was thrilled when he announced that he got nastar from me lol..pretty funny hearing my name on TV. My son wants his name to be announced on TV so he looked at my cookbook and picked a recipe that he wants to make and send to Tom Grieve at the Rangers game. I will let you know when that actually happen. He will be flipped if he hears his name on TV.

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” 
― Julia Child

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