Busy days

There’s nothing much to report here. I have been busy at work and home with of course work and getting ready for first day of school. My son seems really bored with not doing anything structured with the baby sitter and his friend. We have this sweet girl babysit him and his friend. They do go to the park or swimming of some days where getting out from the house does not seem a good idea, they cave in. And that’s the time they usually gets into trouble. The past couple days had been rough for all. The clock is ticking, I think we are all ready to go back to our routine.

I have not been in the mood of doing any painting, I just did one due to “I have nothing else to do” and of course I am not happy with the result. Nothing but swirling my brush on canvas and testing the new paints we bought. Not happy with that either. Ughh…

On the cooking discovery, I discover something that ..well I have known for ages however it did not cross my mind whenever I made this simple dish. We call it Lomein here, back home it’s simply fried noodle. I have this food hawkers that I love since I was a kid. One of the worker, he started as waiter and became the cook later on when I was in college, used to take me to school or pick me up from school since we were neighbour. Anyway they have this fried noodle that is really good. I think they used chicken and there’s this thing I can’t remember the name..made of tapioca starch and pork lard if I am not mistaken, they mixed them and then steamed and sliced as part of the “meat” for the friend noodle. And it was so good. No other place do this, or if they do, it’s just not the same. Ok back to my discovery. I made fried noodle with so many different combination myself and it was good. But never been the same with what I have in mind. Yesterday I was whipping dinner in a crunch for my son, i grabbed some bacon from the ice chest and mushroom and all the other stuffs for my noodle. I saute the chopped bacon and start cooking the fried noodle. I took a bite before I served it to my son. And oh my..that noodle is exactly taste like I have been craving for. Now I remember the key is the pork fat. They use pork fat when they cook theirs. The tapioca starch concoction has pork fat in it. And I recall I made instant noodle and added a table spoon of pork fat and it was tasted way much more better. I know I know..it’s not the best way to cook healthy. But once a while I think it’s ok? *me justifying*.

as far as my work, nothing much. Been very busy these days. Can’t complain though. It’s good for business but it’s not too good for my sanity. Specially when all of my sales rep were busy at the same time and none of them seems really want to share “me”. I have to juggle between their projects so that each of them won’t feel neglected.

Had 2 days of nice chat at lunch with my co workers, different people at different days and place. We have this Chipotle open in front of our building. They have been busy of course. I think almost all Chipotle I have seen were busy at lunch time. We have another new additions to our building in the past couple months. Chipotle and before that was Starbucks. Funny before they were opened we were like oh I can’t wait for them to open. Once they actually did…I went to starbucks 3 times, First 2 was because I had to meet friends and it was on the same day that time. The 3rd one was when my coworker picked me up from home and bought me donuts and coffee from there. Wasn’t that nice? Yeah he had to picked me up since I was supposed to work from home that day. And had no wheel since my husband took the car to work and I was not planning to go anywhere.

Speaking of breakfast and co-worker, we were watching the Rangers game last night and the commercial of Sonic breakfast burrito came on. It looks so good that I told my husband if someone bring me that in the morning I will give them a hug and love them even more. Right when I got to work this morning I saw a message on my yahoo from my coworker, asking if I am coming in today or not and I better be in because breakfast is waiting on my chair. So I replied I am in as I walked to the elevator. Got in, opened the door to my room and there it was on my chair..Sonic bag. Woohoo..one of them got the vibes I sent last night apparently ahahahha….I told her what I said to my husband last night and how surprised I was to see the Sonic bag this morning.  So tomorrow is payback time. I was going to stop by at the donut place we like this morning, I am glad I didn’t. I will tomorrow though. And will get her some that she likes.

It’s so nice to have friends that cares about you and you care about them as much! Life is good!

Meet the teacher went smooth, they seem nice. My son was shy of course. He always that way with new person. Funny some of the girl friends were so happy to see him. Hope this will be a good year for him. I had to assigned him to the gymnastic place again since the Karate place never respond to my email and I was anxious to get everything ready, signed him up for after school care and such before school actually start. When you are not responding, how can I be sure that I will have someone picking him up from school when it starts. So of course after I signed him up with the gymnastic place then I received the email from this Karate place wanting us to come and fill in the form and pay. Something that I have been asking for months. Too bad. I really wanted him to try this Karate place but does not seem to work this time. Maybe next time!

Cake moment, Rainbow cake! Yes Rainbow cake..that cake was so pretty it scared me. It’s everywhere, everybody talks about it. I finally forced myself to make some rainbow cake. I used cake mix just because I want to try to get the color. I have leftovers frosting from the day before when I made the Spiderman cake and so mixing red and blue, you guessed it right! Purple!. First time I made it was more of a tie dye cake in a form of bundt cake.

Then I made the actual rainbow cake. layers of 6 cakes. Yepp 6. So the cake was so tall and big that to top it off I had to do the ruffle icing decoration which made the cake even bigger. Glad that we went to my bro in law’s house that day so I was able to scratch half of it to that direction.

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. -Gautama Buddha

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