Cake cake cake Galore

Got orders for cakes that all happened to be for Friday (yesterday). Gladly not all of them custom cakes. One mermaid cake was ordered base on trade. This is the second time I do this with this lady who is so crafty and good with sewing machine. So the first one was the Spiderman Cake I made last month for her son’s birthday which she made me an apron. I will take picture and edit this once I got the stuffs she made for me. Then today is her daughter’s birthday. That is the mermaid cake for. And for this she is making me a purse / clutch. It’s a fun trade. Next time I am going to have her make this re-usable paper towels. She made one I think she found the idea from the dangerous website for all people, Pinterest. It’s so darn cute. Plus it’s re-useable, Go Green ya’ll!.

Here is the spiderman and mermaid cake I made:


Next birthday trade will be end of this month, Bowling cake is the theme. I will post some picture then.

The other 4 cakes I made was basic cakes. They are Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, Strawberry cake with fresh slices of strawberry filling and buttercream, last but not least, Triple Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and ganache.





So there’s my cakes for this week. Fall is coming and I smell pumpkins! I have a request for pumpkin rolls already…:).

Oh and I checked my containers order it’s next Tuesday that it will be ready for pick up..grrrr I have to wait another week, well days now, before I can start organizing my kitchen. I guess I will have my husband build the shelves we have bought few months ago for my crafts. And build the shelves for the garage that had been sitting there for years. I got the shelves from work when we moved to the new high rise building and so we don’t have storage for our in house stock items and they were getting rid of those shelves. So once it’s up I will have more room in the garage to put up stuffs like my pots and pans and that will clear of some of the kitchen cabinets. Can’t wait for that moment to come. I think I will celebrate when it actually happening. An hour massage for myself perhaps?

Planning to take it easy today but I have to get stuffs for my foodie pen pal and have to send it out today!. Gotta go hunting! Looks like it’s going to dark outside. I don’t like driving in the rain, I can but I prefer not to :). It’s not the rain what bothers me but the crazy drivers that still drives loony with slippery and wet road conditions that I dislike. Even with my cake on board sign on the car, it did not stop them for driving crazy, tailgating me and such..I think I need a bigger sign!.

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  1. Good Job! They all look FANTASTIC. My dream is to be as talented as you are. Thanks for sharing.


      1. Well Thank You … I keep saying that I am going to take the classes but never sign up. I don’t know what I am waiting for. I Just Need To Do It!


      2. I took Wilton basic class mostly to get more information for piping butter cream. The rest just learning by doing. Feel free to ask and I will answer the best I can. I never thought I could do this either.


      3. Thank You so much & that is exactly the courses I was planning on taking.


      4. Carolinna says:

        Go for it. I think it helped to boost my confidence a bit :).


      5. Well do & I will let you know how it turned out. Thanks for the boost!


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