Organizing Step 2 in process – Snack Packs

I could not start my pantry and kitchen organizing today since my plastic containers won’t be here until Tuesday. So in order to keep my organizing power alive I decided to keep on working little by little. I decided to do our own snack packs for my son. So off we went to the stores to get big boxes of snacks, like cheez-it, graham crackers, ritz crackers, club crackers, nila wafers, mini oreo and such. Oh and those  packs are on sale 2 for $5. Still have some banana chips and veggie chips plus pretzel covered yogurt I got from Sprouts few weeks ago. So in the little ziploc snack packs those guys went.


See those labels? I am using my Avery labels and print it out using microsoft labels with the clip arts and some images I found online.

I grabbed 3 green buckets at $1.50 each at Albertsons, the only greens left. And of course I think I might need more or switch it to a different ones and use these greens bucket for something else if I found different buckets for these purpose. Right now I am still patching up with the other buckets I have and a plastic drawer that I have been using. As I mentioned above this is still a process so I am still deciding what I am going to do with it. Even for the spot is only temporary until I got all pantry done and figured out.

I am in love with this process! So can’t wait for Tuesday. Oh I better work fast on Tuesday night. I have to start baking on Wednesday. Hopefully by then all are done. I have 4 regular cakes to deliver on Friday (Carrot Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Strawberry Cake and Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake) and a custom cake in mermaid themed for a sweet little girl. So there all planned out among other things in my life. Have to finish 2 website at work, my family and hunting for my foodie pen pal. How ? I am not sure but we surely will get this done!

Wish me luck guys!

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