Pantry Organizing

I finally got my containers that I ordered through Dollar Tree online. I thought it was supposed to be deliver last Tuesday but I read it wrong. It was Tuesday, September 18. Oh well, at least I got it, some! They did not ship one case of the spices jar. But it’s ok I think I have plenty for now. I have not start on moving my spices to the new jar. It passed midnight and I just finished the “big” stuffs from the pantry. I started working on it right after we got home, like around 7:30. I took all of the stuffs from the pantry and it’s all over the kitchen floor and counter. It scared me to death when I looked at it. For a moment I did not know where to start. Look at this mess..isn’t it scary?

I almost give up before I even starting. Gotta finish this…or it will drive me crazy. So I did one step at a time. I started with the cereal boxes that we have..then move on to the rice and flours..and so on. I am not finish yet. The spices are still in the original container. I will have to move it to the new jar I bought. And from now on will only buy the package spices for the refill.

Here are the picture for the whole process..I forgot to take picture of the “before”. I grabbed the camera right after everything were out of the pantry :(.

My spice jars are in the shelf’s prettier than I thought.

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