Fridge and Freezer time

Third projects of organizing the house is completed today. I stopped by at Target and again could not really find anything I like and fit the needs. So drove by Dollar Tree and of course they have it. Though they do not have the color I was aiming for, so I decided to get the white and light blue for the fridge and freezer. I also grabbed some buckets for the linen closet for future projects.

I started with the freezer, it was a piece of cake..all done easily. Came down to the fridge I was a little bit frustrated of how packed my fridge was. I decided to take out one row at a time and cleaned it up with vinegar. Then I finally feel better. Checked on expiration date on some stuffs and threw away some. It is really nice to be able to actually find stuffs with ease. It looks nice. Now I am resting while waiting for my husband to grab some dinner for us. I am going to move on to the kitchen counters. And possibly move some of the baking pans into the big plastic containers I got at Target for $4.99 a piece. And sit them out in the garage. If I can finish them all by tomorrow I’d be happy :).

Here is the freezer, I put the vegetables on top of my spices, while meats are underneath it. Then ready to eat / do ahead meal on the left side by the vegetables. Our Frozen fruits for smoothie and breakfast are on the bottom by the meat.

Can’t believe this side of my freezer is empty. It was packed with frozen veggies and my spices before.

My fridge are organized now. Start from the top left, leftovers, my son’s stuffs from lunchables to his juices and fruit cups, then cheeses and deli meats. Next row is the breads and jams, then meats like bacon and sausage in the meat drawer, butters are underneath it. Eggs and Drinks then in the drawers are fruit and veggies.

Ah it’s so nice…have a wonderful weekend everyone! I am going to go back to the kitchen and finish this task!.

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