Old times

I don’t know why I googled the name of the street where I grew up. It brought up, to my surprised, lots of pictures that I recognized and was not expecting to see them on the internet.

This place for example, It’s coffee shop where lots of old folks gather in the morning to chat over coffee and breakfast. So many different kind of breakfast serves at the shop. It’s more like a little food court since each stall serves different food and own by different people. They have chicken porridge, steamed chicken rice, noodle, yes noodle, and mixed rice which is steamed rice serves with several different meat from chicken, charsiu pork or chinese barbeque pork and the roast pork with the crispy skin, sweet pork satay, halved of hard boiled and cooked in soy sauce with other spices, and ngohiong or ngohiang, kinda like sausage, a mixture of ground pork, mushroom carrot shrimp wrapped in tofu skin, steamed then fried and sliced, I remember this place has the best of that dish. They always drizzle the top of the almost perfectly rounded, bowl molded, steamed rice with the sauce from the barbeque sauce and eggs sauce. It was delicious. And the chicken porridge, the chinese style, served with cilantro, green onion, cakwe (chinese crullers), sometimes I’d ask for them to drop in 1 raw egg into the hot steaming bowl of chicken porridge. With a little drizzle of soy sauce, sesame oil and garlic chili…it’s perfection in a bowl.

If you want to read more about this place you can click on this link tak kie.

Glodok is the Chinatown of Jakarta. That’s why so many building architecture are influenced by Chinese architecture. Look at this church, my church, I used to go when I was still back in Indonesia. Yes it’s a church with chinese architecture..it’s so beautifully unique. That is part of why I fell in love with this church.

Makes me wants to go home and explore the new Glodok.

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