Pizza cake

It had been crazy at work the past couple weeks. We switched to a nee software and as you all know,  most people do not like changes. I personally love the software. It is much better than the one we used. If course we all need time to get familiar and get use to it. I have been having fun using them. It allows me to work and access my work from literally anywhere.  It is like a new toy for me.

Anyway that’s work…now cake.. i have limit my cake order during summer. Now is fall and the baking mode is back on.  So many ideas. So little time.

I am also going to sell some Indonesian food at the DFW Indonesian Community  by end of this month. What am I doing, sometimes I ask myself. I am not sure…we’ll see how that goes.

My cake for tonight is a pizza themed cake. Just throw something easy for my nephew. They seem to love pizza. Everytime we get together they order pizza, so i think the pizza cake is perfect.  I remember when I made the hamburger cake for my boss and people were saying that it does not seem right. Their mind is playing trick on’s  a hamburger but it’s sweet as it was a cake with frosting and all. Wonder what my nephew would think about it.


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