Harry Potter theme cupcakes

Had a request from one of my fave lil girlfriends for her birthday she is going to have a painting party with her gffs and wanting a Harry Potter cupcakes. Unusual theme for a 10 yo girl?  Probably..but that was what made it special and challenging for me as I don’t recall making any cupcakes with theme like this previously other than me played with fondant at the beginning of my baking life 4 years ago.

Show you how special this girl is..the flavor she asked for is not vanilla or just chocolate, she wanted red velvet cake and chocolate..yessss chocolate lover.

Anyway i had nothing but fun making these cupcakes for her.
First i did my list of detail from HP that i can turn into toppers.
The hat, glasses, wand, book of spell, broom, scarf, scroll with the categories of wizards and last but not least, the golden ball snitch, is that the name?.

That’s done. Comes the execution..put my thinking cap on what do I need to use to make those details. Wand, glasses using black fondant, let it sit for few days to dries out then i paint the handle of the wand with gold color. The book used white fondant covered with modeling chocolate as cover and the #10 paint with gold. Now i wish I think about this earlier, using wafer paper turn into the book so it looks more like a real book before covering with modeling chocolate…next time..next time. For the scarf,  hat i used modeling chocolate. The broom stick is modeling chocolate and the broom part is wafer paper. Golden ball is white fondant painted with gold food coloring and attached the wafer paper wings. Banner is wafer paper brush with light brown duster and written the text with edible ink pens.

Here is the result of all of those details.
Hope you like this.








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