Kitchen tools

How many of you are collecting kitchen tools? I am one of the worse I guess. I am smarter than in my previous life though. I usually read and research first these days about the new exciting tools I am wanting to own. Think about it.. so many out there that when the first time you see it, you are so happy to find, you think t our self if you don’t say it out loud .. OMG where have this tools been. I could’ve bla bla bla and made myself bla bla bla. Then you would followed your excitement by buying it of course. How could you not buy’s a dream comes true. Safe your time and life in the kitchen. Use them couple times and you forget that thing even exist.

When and if I look for a new house, I think I need a house with bigger kitchen and kitchen cabinet and organized storage in the garage. Why? Because my kitchen is growing lol. Baking pans, pots, blender, juicer, rice cooker, fryer, not to mentioned the one in the backyard. Grill and that infrared fryer that was used to cook our turkey for 2 times and then becoming a backyard decoration.

So nowadays, before I buy anything that seems so good and needed, I would research online and have a discussion to my sensible side, do I really need it, how many times I think I would use it. Been a while since the last time I do actually buy the so awesome new tools or gadget for the kitchen. My latest and greatest thing was the Instant Pot. I have been using this gadget since Santa brought it. I love it. This is something I can see that I am going to use for a long time.

It definitely helps to prepare food which healthier and good for us. Physically, mentally and financially lol. Most of the meals I cooked in the Instant Pot for our dinner were less than $10 and it feed us 3. Mind you it is actually could easily feed 4-5 people. Yepp I have growing boys.

Tonight, my dear son is happy to finish the leftover macaroni and cheese we made last night. So I am just making my own meal. I am craving for my Indonesian gado gado, Salad with peanut butter dressing. I made the dressing myself, using ground roasted peanuts, with tamarind, chili pepper, garlic, shallot, brown sugar, salt, water. And guess what..this is where the kitchen tools being utilize at it’s best. I make my sauce in vitamix, takes 1 minute to blend the whole thing. While my rice cooking in my rice cooker. Then I put my sliced potato, kale in a round pan on the trivet inside my instant pot with 2 cups of water underneath the trivet. Then put my egg on the trivet on the side of the round pan. Closed and manual pressure for 6 minutes. Natural Pressure release for 6 minute and ice bath for the next 6 minutes. While those going I sliced my tempeh and fry them real quick. All done and my dinner was served in less than 30 minutes, fresh and healthy.

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