25 minutes five spice ribs

So while waiting for the drawing and tiniest chance of becoming a billionaire, I decided to cook my ribs in the Instant pot.

Didn’t want the regular sauce ribs, I decided to go the asian route. Something easy. So I seasoned the ribs with a mixture of salt, pepper and five spices. Then pour 2 cups water in the pot, add 3 cloves smashed garlic, 1″ ginger sliced, and 1 green onion chopped. Arrange the ribs standing up on a trivet. I sliced the ribs individual. Close the lid. Then press on manual 25 minutes. Next step is walk away.

After it beeped them let it site for 10 minutes, released the steam. Heat some oil in a pan. Flash fry the ribs and served with sprinkle of salt pepper and five spice. Garmish with chopped green onion.

We eat them with rice. I added my spicy sauce. 2 Jalapeno sliced, sauté with 3 cloves garlic. Roughly blend them in a blender or foor processor, add a little salt. Last step squeeze 1/2 lime.

I dip the ribs in the spicy sauce and eat with steamed rice. Oh I was in heaven.

Simple dinner less than 1 hour. The ribs cost me $12.00.



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