Morning egg peeling

I love eggs. I love Instant Pot. I love making my eggs in instant Pot.

Why? Let’s listed the reasons:

  1. I don’t have to wait and watch my water boiling.
  2. Perfect cooked either hard boiled or soft boiled every time.
  3. Peeling, always easy.
  4. The yolk is creamier.
  5. Faster and better.

Just like this morning, after prepared my son’s lunch box. I threw, well not literally threw my eggs..not in the morning – hate cleaning up the mess lol, OK threw my eggs in the pot. Add 1/2 cup water. Do the drill, closed lid, closed vent to sealing position press one of those buttons, in this case is manual and adjust the time. I like soft boiled egg, so I do 3 minutes. I do 5 minutes for hard boiled. Some people do 6. Walk away. went to take my shower.

Since there’s only a little liquid, it comes to pressure faster. I left them running while I took my shower and ahem…was kinda sorta forgot. When I was done with shower,  came out it was already done cooking and switched to warming up for 2 minutes. Darn..I will get hard boiled egg then. Oh well.. see how fast it is?.

Anyway, if you have not try cook your egg in the instant pot, try it. And if you have not get yourself an instant pot to try to make your egg in the instant pot, get it. Hop to Instant Pot  and get one. Use this code IPLOVE  at the check out for  $50.00 off when you purchase over $159.00. And repeat as you will want your second or third and some people .. fifth Instant Pot. Trust me..I am on my third one and wanting my fourth.

Here are some pictures and a little video to show you how easy to peel the eggs. I know some people rolls the eggs to break them. I don’t like mashed my eggs. I like them smooth white and pretty…yeah that’s just me. And I play with my food. So I do a little egg fight. There’s always be a winner at the end who gets to fight the kitchen counter or back of spoon, depending who I want them to fight with.

Instant Pot is awesome!

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