Christmas is around the corner

Literally around the corner. I don’t know about you, but I am so not ready. Looking back..I was never ready for it. Work usually gets so busy around the holiday, where people place their orders a week before Christmas and expect that we are part of Santa’s crews that will make it happen for them. Glad that so far, been almost 15 years in this industry where I am working, we have been able to perform the magic.

Where do you shop for gifts? I personally try to avoid the crowd bu going online and use the fringe benefit of being able to purchase stuffs from where I work. Of course Like everyone else, Amazon had been a great help for my shopping source. A useful source.

This year, after my son, sadly not believing in Santa Claus anymore…yeah thanks to one of the teacher at school last year on his 4th grade who accidentally, loudly mentioned about Santa being not real. We were sad to learned that. Now, when we ask him, what he wants for Christmas. He said “Nothing, All these years I thought all that I asked for was from Santa and it was free. Now that I know you guys (me and his dad) paid for everything, I don’t want you to spend more money on getting toys.”. In a way it’s good but at the same time we are sad and proud to hear what he said. He is the best present I have ever gotten.

Now that I don’t have the clue anymore on what to get him, we have to think hard on what to get lol. Grrrrr… what do you give your 10 years old boy? Games? Gift Card? Books? Apparel? Gadgets? Drone? VR Goggle? I am not sure what to get.
Looking at this scenario, looks like I will be doing last minute shopping through Amazon for quick delivery…as always *sigh*.


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