God’s given breadmaker

I was asked to do step by step making bread or sweet rolls using God’s given breadmaker a.k.a. hands.

So here is the process in the video

The ingredients:

550 gram bread flour

50 gram milk powder

90 gram sugar

210 ml warm water

11 gram yeast

1 Tablespoon sugar

2 eggs

75 gram butter

2 yolks for brushing

Extra butter for brushing after baking. I like to brush my rolls with butter right when it’s out of the oven. It gives them the glossy top.

This recipe can be make in man-made breadmaker as well. Just follow your breadmaker sequence for the ingredients, wet then dry is mine.

Hope you like it.

Chocolate pull apart rolls
Hot doggers, sausage rolls
Salami and provolone pull apart.

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